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Looking for innovative new ways to practice safe sex? The Wingman condom online range provides exactly that with its unique application and design. Ideal for easy use and providing a close to natural feeling, browse our Wingman condoms online and buy today. Get discreet delivery on all orders.

High-Quality Wingman Condoms

Whilst we are all familiar with the design of condoms, they have not changed in many years. Alongside your regular standard shapes, you’ll also find flavoured condoms as well as ribbed condoms,
but the way these are applied has stayed the same. That’s where the
Wingman condom range is different and provides an even easier way to
use. Each condom comes complete with an applicator that provides
‘wings’, meaning you can easily place the condom on an erect penis
without having to touch the condom itself. This provides a more secure
fit and can even be applied with one hand.

have even been awarded for their design that has helped ensure the
correct use of condoms so that they do not break, split, or fit loosely.
Ideal for use with oral, anal, or vaginal sex, the Wingman condoms
online we stock are suitable for any situation and can be applied by
yourself or a partner. They can be used alongside suitable sex lubes
to ensure an even more pleasant experience, and the applicator clip is
easily removed once you have attached the condom correctly.

Buy Wingman Condoms Online & More

sex is important to stay free from STIs and any unwanted pregnancy.
They can also make penetration more pleasurable when using thanks to
their smooth design. The Wingman condom online product range has
something for everyone, however, if you do have a latex allergy you will
need to look at other brands in our online sex shop.
At Mega Pleasure, safe and fun sex is a must, and we have plenty of
products to browse and choose from to pair with your new Wingman

If you have any questions about our Wingman condoms online, please ask. We have a range of condoms available including ultra-thin condoms and large condoms if you need them.

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    Wingman Condoms Online FAQs

    What makes Wingman Condoms Different?

    The biggest difference with Wingman condoms is that they come complete with a special applicator device. This is already attached to the condom when you remove it from its packet. Simply hold the applicator in one hand and place it over the tip of the penis when erect, moving down towards the base. Once done, the applicator clip is easily removed, and you are then ready to go! This not only allows you to have a quicker way to put on a condom but makes it easier in the dark and with one hand. The Wingman condom online range takes the classic design of a condom and improves upon it, whilst providing a close to natural feeling during use.

    Will Wingman Condoms Fit All Sizes of Penis?

    If you have a standard size penis you will be able to use Wingman condoms. They have a 56mm width that should be a fit for most people, and this is slightly wider than the standard size of many condoms available. Like any condom, it’s best to try different sizes to find the most comfortable and safe for you, avoiding having anything too tight or too loose. We also stock small condoms alongside our regular large ranges.