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Uberlube Lubricants

If frictionless, satisfying sex is what you want, you’ll need Uberlube at hand to help make this a reality. Offering premium sex lubes that will heighten pleasure at the right moment, we stock the full Uberlube UK range to help you and your partner experience more thrills between the sheets. Browse and buy online and get free delivery on orders over £30. 

The Premium Uberlube UK Range

a brand focusing on what makes sex as pleasurable as possible, Uberlube
produces premium-quality lubrication that is simple to use. Rather than
offering many different types and flavoured lubes,
the Uberlube UK range keeps it simple and offers quality rather than
quantity. Since it launched in 2004, Uberlube has perfected its formula
to create superior silicone lubrication that doesn’t stick and stays
lightweight to use for as long as you need it to. The ingredients focus
on skin sensitivity and ensure they are body-friendly so that it doesn’t
cause any unwanted side effects.

you have been using different lubes over the years but haven’t found a
product you’ll go back to, the Uberlube range could be what you’re
looking for. It’s designed to be effective when in use and then
dissipate into the skin after, leaving skin moisturised and free from
any sticky residue. Whether you want vaginal or anal lubes to enhance your pleasure, Uberlube has the product for you.

Buy Uberlube Products Online

in both 100ml and 50ml bottle sizes, Uberlube is easy to apply thanks
to the pump-action nozzle. Just apply enough to your hand or to the
genital area for quick and simple use that provides long-lasting
satisfaction. Our online sex shop can cater for all your needs and provide many products you can use with lubes. We have sex toys for men
and women that always work better with some added lubrication for good
measure. Nothing can stop a good session alone or with a partner than
the sudden pain of irritation, so keep this to a minimum and stay
lubricated for longer with Uberlube. Have any questions about the
Uberlube UK range? Please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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Uberlube UK FAQs

Does Uberlube Leave a Sticky Residue?

No, the brand prides itself on providing a premium product that will not leave a sticky residue. Uberlube is designed for long-lasting use, but will easily absorb into the skin after you are finished. It’s a silicone-based lube that is ideal for both men and women however you want to use it. Other lubes may be a mixture of oil, silicone or water-based ingredients, with some leaving a sticky residue that can be a pain to clear up. The Uberlube formula remains silky smooth and won’t become sticky.

Is Uberlube Safe for your Skin?

Yes, the Uberlube UK range has been manufactured and tested with the human body in mind. This means its quality and safety is checked before being bottled and is naturally free of harmful side effects. As it is a silicone-based lube, you will need to check that you or your partner do not have an allergy to silicone before use.