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Strict Leather Fetish Clothing

At Mega Pleasure, we pride ourselves on a range of different sex toys and clothing to wear in the bedroom. If you are into bondage and BDSM play, one of our favourite brands is Strict Leather, who have a range of different sex toys and bondage accessories. Browse and buy from our online sex shop today. All orders will be discreetly packed in case you want to hide your parcel from housemates, or surprise a special someone. 

Who is Strict Leather?

Leather is a brand selling ‘gear you can count on’, they mainly have
bondage leather items ideal for bedroom play. If you are into bondage,
you won’t want to worry about it breaking or if you are stable when
you’re in the middle of something seductive. Strict Leather wants to
minimise these types of worries in BDSM play so you can enjoy your
arousal as much as possible. There is nothing worse than killing the
moment, right? This brand has your pleasure at the core of their values.

Leather sells over 300 different products and you can find a variety of
these at Mega Pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a more classic form
of restraint in the bedroom or something more heavy duty, Strict Leather
has you covered. You will be pleased to know, they put your comfort
first while creating durable bondage equipment.

Strict Leather Products

you’re looking for more innocent Strict Leather sex toys or something a
little more tough, you can find both options from Strict Leather. There
are innocent blindfolds and handcuffs
available at Strict Leather or sex toys for more experienced BDSM pay.
They have whips, paddles, crops, and gags. Strict Leather pretty much
covers all the bondage accessories and toys you will need to satisfy
your fetishes and fantasies. Don’t miss out on this kinky brand!

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Strict Leather FAQs

Why do people find leather a turn on?

Leather toys and clothing can be a turn on because of the dark mystery associated with it. Leather is also linked to control and it quite clearly screams attraction and power, especially when the word ‘strict’ is involved. Black leather always stands out more than any other colours, but this is all down to preference. If you are into bondage, you can dress up in leather clothing while using your Strict Leather BDSM sex toys.

How do you wash leather clothing?

Leather clothing needs to be looked after properly, you can’t put it in the washing machine or iron it for example. You should only wash it by hand. Make sure your leather toys and clothing don’t come into contact with any heat, they should be kept in a warm, dry place. Leather can be neatly folded but shouldn’t be crumpled as you can’t iron it.

What are the most popular Strict Leather sex toys?

When it comes to bondage, it will depend how experienced you are or what sort of fantasies you have. The most popular Strict Leather toys are probably the ones for beginners, the blindfolds, collars, leashes, and whips. This doesn’t mean you have to buy these items, explore with anything that takes your fancy and turns you on, most people move on to the harsher toys when they become more experienced. We have bondage kits for those who don’t quite know what they like yet.