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Sliquid Lubricants

At Mega Pleasure, we have sex lubricants and anal lubricants available to use with or without sex toys. One of our favourite lubricant brands is Sliquid who have been around for over 20 years. They use natural ingredients and ensure no irritation will be caused by their products. 

Who are Sliquid Lubricants?

was founded in 2002 by Dean Elliott, they only offered two products at
the beginning but now offer many. Over the past decades, they have
gradually added more and more lubricants to their store and developed
into a reputable wellness brand. They reach global audiences and have
become a multi-billion dollar industry focusing on products for

The aim of Sliquid
lubricants from the very beginning was to create a natural product that
could be used by women and men with glycerin sensitivities. Most
everyday lubricants have the glycerin compound, so Dean wanted to create
a lubricant without this as his wife was sensitive to it. Sliquid is a
healthy option that causes no irritation and aggravation when used for
sexual purposes, his products have no sugar, glycerin (sugar
derivatives) and focus on safe ingredients. At Mega Pleasure, we believe
this is one of the best brands to go for when looking for a clean,
natural lubricant.

Over the
past few years, the high performance products at Sliquid have earnt the
company news stories in the media, and they not only sell lubricants,
but bath products too. Sliquid span the globe but are based in the USA
when they manufacture their products. Their bottles are made from
recycled materials and the ingredients inside their products are from
the earth, they are clearly a very sustainable company.

Sliquid Lubricant Products

Lubricants pride themselves on a range of products and their lubricants
are used all over the world. At Mega Pleasure, we stock the 100% vegan
Sliquid lubricants that are free from any nasties like gluten, DEA,
glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and
sulphates. You can’t go wrong with lubricants that are hypoallergenic,
scent-free, non-toxic, latex-friendly and can be used for external
massages as well as internal lubrication.

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    Sliquid Lubricant FAQs

    How should I clean my sex toys after using them with lubricant?

    If you’re using any type of sex toy, you will need to make sure you clean it thoroughly after use, especially if you’re using lubricant. Hot water and soap can be one way of keeping your products clean or sex toy cleaning products like sprays are also useful. Ensure you clean your toys after use to avoid the spread of bacteria.

    Why am I not naturally lubricated enough?

    If you’re suffering from lack of lubrication, this could be down to increased levels of cortisol and a drop in oestrogen levels within the body. A result of these hormone levels changing is a decrease in vaginal lubrication. Another reason could be stress; this will subconsciously cause inflammation in the body and you won’t be as naturally aroused. Sliquid’s lubricants products can help you with this.

    How much lubrication should I be using?

    This will depend on how much you feel you need, usually a few squirts will do the job, but you might need to add some extra during intercourse or while using sex toys. If you’re being penetrated anally, you will need a lot more lube as your anus doesn't produce its own lubricant like a vagina does.