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Rock Rings Sex Toys

Keep your sex life new and exciting with a cock rings by Rock Rings. Their range features various cock rings and accessories for you to experiment with. Cock rings by Rock Rings create a firmer erection so you can enjoy a tighter feel during sex which enhances the pleasure for both you and your partner. Slide the cock ring on in seconds and experience harder erections and go for longer with an improved stamina so you can maximise each other’s pleasure well into the night. 

Rock Rings boast a great selection of cock rings, whether you’re looking to experiment with some different types or are looking to gift a cock ring set to your partner as a cheeky present for a bit of flirty fun.

Rock Rings are designed to create mutual enjoyment for both parties. Whether you experience the benefits of wearing one, or indirectly with your partner wearing one, they will create a surge of new pleasure you won’t be able to resist. You’ll be using Rock Rings time and time again to enhance your steamy sessions.

Buy Rock Rings Online

Our online sex shop is proud to stock cock rings by Rock Rings, among many other sex toys and sex accessories you could possibly want to tick all the right boxes for a night of exciting pleasure.

Being one of the most popular sex toys for men
thanks to their simple design and discreet nature, the Rock Rings offer
different options, including vibrating cock rings so you and your
partner can experiment and find what works best for your bodies,
exploring new pleasure spots and helping arouse each other. A cock ring set by Rock Rings is the perfect solution for those looking to spice up things in the bedroom.

Cock rings are also an amazing sex aid for women
to experience clitoral stimulation. Whether they are used during sex
with your partner or in solo masturbation, you can slip a vibrating cock
ring over your fingers or a dildo for a solo sesh or have your partner
wear it on a strap-on in same sex relationships. You can also use a vibrating cock ring over another vibrating toy such as a dildo to rock your insides and outsides at the same time.

Benefits of Using Cock Rings

rings improve blood flow to the penis which lets you experience a
harder erection and reduced chances of premature ejaculation. They do
this by compressing the base of the penis for maximum results.
Consequently, Rock Rings are a natural way to boost your confidence
since your performance is better, and you can be intimate for longer,
building up sensation to an explosive orgasm, reaching new heights of

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Rock Rings FAQs

How to Clean your Cock Rings by Rock Rings

Cock rings come in different materials, from flexible silicone and rubber to leather and metal. You can wash the cock ring under the running water with mild body-safe soap, but don’t soak it for a long time. Wipe it off with a paper towel and keep it stored away from dust and bacteria – a clean bag is often advised for your sex toys.

How Long Do You Leave Cock Rings on for?

Given the pressure they apply to the penis, it’s advised not to leave them on longer than 30 minutes. Pay attention for signs of discomfort or potential problems and remove the ring sooner if needed.