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Playboy Condoms

Make safety sexy with the addition of a Playboy condom, maximising pleasure so you can enjoy a night of passion under the covers. Being one of the most recognisable condom brands designed for sensational sex, the dotted texture means you can feel every last detail and build up towards your best climax yet. Shop for Playboy condoms in our online sex shop and get them sent to your door in discreet packaging.

Unmatched Pleasure from Playboy Condoms

have been a widely known and recognised brand since the 1950’s,
creating a huge American men’s lifestyle which has continued into
today’s day and age. Founded by Hugh Hefner and his associates, the
iconic Playboy aesthetic plays a huge part in the brand, referring back
to the semi-nude models who enjoy their time in the mansion.

the Playboy lifestyle into your home with the addition of a Playboy
condom to spice up your sex life, adding extra sex appeal as you head on
your pursuit of pleasure. A night of fun doesn’t have to compromise on
safety; use a Playboy condom will ensure you and your partner are
protected from STI’s and unwanted pregnancies so you can enjoy a steamy
session without the worry. Exceeding international quality standards and
undergoing thorough electronic testing means the material has been
approved from a quality perspective.

Reach New Heights with a Playboy Condom

out something new in the bedroom with a dotted Playboy condom, sending
waves of pleasure through your body. The addition of studs and ribs are
designed to enhance pleasure for all, creating brand new sensations
which would not be possible with your bodies alone. By introducing
textures which can please both partners, maximise stimulation so you can
mutually head towards the biggest climax yet and take your sex life up a

To use your Playboy
condoms safely and effectively, carefully follow the pack instructions
to ensure you are getting the best from your protection. Start by
carefully tearing the foil of the Playboy condom packet and taking out
the contents, pinching the teat with your fingers to remove any air
before slowly placing the Playboy condom on the tip of the penis. Once
in place, begin to roll the ring downwards until you reach the base of
the penis, letting go of the teat once it is sat in position. The condom
should fit comfortably, not being too tight and not too loose to ensure
you are protected and can enjoy your sex session without interference.

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Playboy Condom FAQs

Do Playboy condoms fit all sizes?

Each Playboy condom has a width of 52mm, designed to fit the majority of penis sizes. If you find the condom does not fit comfortably, whether it be too loose or too tight, we recommend not continuing with sexual activity due to the protection being decreased. Our wider range of condoms offers different sizes so you can find the condoms that suit your body type.

Is it safe to have sex in the shower with Playboy condoms?

We tend to recommend avoiding sex in the water as it can increase the risk of the Playboy condom slipping off. If you find yourself getting heated and ready to make a splash in the bathroom, apply them before getting in the water and take caution to avoid the condom sliding off. It is also important to avoid products such as bubble bath and oils which may impact the latex material.