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Pasante Condoms

Being one of the leading condom brands, Pasante are on a mission to encourage people to make better choices that don’t cost a bomb. With designs that make sex feel good, enjoy a night of steamy passion and rest assured that your Pasante condoms have been manufactured in line with the highest industry standards. Whether you’re looking to buy Pasante condoms in fun flavours, unique textures or just the classics in bulk, find it here in our online sex shop and get free discreet delivery on all orders over £30. 

Why Choose Pasante UK?

been founded over twenty years ago, Pasante are one of the best known
condom brands in the country. With a mission to provide sexual health
products that encourage people to make better and healthier choices,
their innovative range contains everything you could possibly need to
enjoy a night of steamy passion. Their products are made using quality
materials to meet high standards, being recognised by official health
professionals such as the NHS and NPOs, giving everyone access to
quality condoms by Pasante UK.

well as the guarantee of safety, when you buy Pasante condoms, you can
do so at an affordable price. Pasante are strong believers that sex
shouldn’t come at a high cost so maintain competitively priced products
that mean people all over can enjoy safe sex without the high price tag
attached. You should be able to enjoy incredible sex, exploring each
other’s bodies and unleashing waves of pleasure without the worry of
infection or unwanted pregnancies.

A New Experience When You Buy Pasante Condoms

for thinking outside of the box, try out something new when you shop
from Pasante UK. As well as the more traditional condoms, spice up your
life in the bedroom by introducing some of the more fun and flirty
Pasante condoms into your sex life, enjoying the additional extras to
bring brand new sensations. The flavoured condoms
are perfect for enhancing oral sex, waving goodbye to the smell and
taste of latex as you enjoy the delicious flavourings which will make
you and your partner jump at the opportunity to please. If you’re
looking to try out new sensations, buy Pasante ribbed and dotted condoms
which are designed to enhance pleasure for both partners, maximising
stimulation so you can mutually head towards the biggest climax yet.

your preference, know you are in for the night of your life with
Pasante UK. The range of unique, innovative condoms means you don’t have
to compromise on pleasure, practicing safe sex while embracing the fun
flavours and added textures for maximum stimulation. If you’re not sure
whether to buy Pasante condoms in your usual style or try something new,
browse our extensive range online and see what takes your fancy!

How to Use Pasante Condoms

use your condoms safely and effectively, carefully follow the pack
instructions from Pasante UK. Start by carefully tearing the foil of the
condom packet and taking out the condom, pinching the teat with your
fingers to remove any air. Slowly place the Pasante condom on the tip of
your penis and begin to roll the ring downwards until you reach the
base of the penis, letting go of the teat once it is sat in position.
Your condom should fit comfortably, not being too tight and not too
loose to ensure you can not only enjoy your sex session without
interference, but to avoid any mishaps which could compromise on safety.

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Pasante UK FAQs

Can I buy Pasante condoms for anal sex?

If you plan to engage in anal sex, the risk of STI’s means the addition of a condom is always recommended. Pasante condoms are designed for vaginal penetration and although they can be used for anal sex, the risk of breakage and slippage is increased. To engage in anal sex as safely and comfortably as possible, we recommend applying a generous amount of water-based lube or silicone-based lube before penetration.

Is it safe to have sex in the shower with Pasante UK?

We tend to recommend avoiding having sex in the water as it can increase the risk of the condom slipping off. If you choose to buy Pasante condoms with the intent to enjoy sex in the shower, apply them before getting in the water and take caution to avoid the condom sliding off. It is also important to avoid products such as bubble bath and oils which may impact the latex material, reducing the effectiveness of your Pasante condom.