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Maia Sex Toys

If you’re looking for modern, high-quality, innovative, and inexpensive sex toys specially designed for enhancing women’s solo play and couples’ sex, then look no further. Maia sex toys are exceptionally high standard and are perfect for both solo and partner plays. The brand is motivated to make sexual pleasure and exploration easier and more accessible for all. Shop the full range now in our online sex shop.

About Maia

established in Los Angeles in 2010, Maia Toys has quickly gained a lot
of recognition as a renowned leader in the sex and adult entertainment
industry, with products available worldwide.

Toys has become a household name for the fashion forward styles that
recognise the colours of eroticism with the selection of their personal
pleasure objects. The team behind Maia Toys have thoughtfully designed
each product to suit varying sexual moods and desires with comfort and
functionality in mind.

the classic takes on toys, Maia have updated the concepts of sex toys
with a modern approach. Their range still appeals to the sophisticated
shopper at affordable prices, while boasting an amazing level of
customer satisfaction.

Maia Product Overview:

offers and amazing range of sex toys to exhilarate your sex life. One
of their unique selling points is that their toys are made with medical
grade silicone. This is the best silicone you can get when it comes to
sex toys, and not many companies equate to this level of quality. Most
of Maia’s sex toys are rechargeable too, with others that are battery

Maia offers plenty of female sex toys for vaginal and clitoral pleasure. Toys like the Jessi bullet are incredibly quiet and discreet. None of them are loud, apart from the thruster sex machine. However, all sex machines
are relatively loud, no matter the brand. Whether you're looking for a
flexible rabbit style sex toy, a bullet, something with a suction cup,
or a normal dildo,
you'll be able to find something that appeals to your needs and
pleasure type. With so many Maia products to choose from, it’s easy to
find something.

Maia also
boasts exceptional affordability – perfect for pleasure seekers on a
budget. After all, just because your wallet is small, doesn’t mean your
sex life should be compromised. You deserve the best bang for your buck
as the say.

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Maia FAQs

Care Advice for my Maia Products?

To ensure your Maia toys stand the test of time, make sure to always clean before and after use but avoid using alcohol for sanitising. You can use warm soapy water, and be sure to store sex toys in their own bags away from dust and dirt.

What Lube Can I Use with Maia Products?

The majority of Maia sex toys are made with silicone; therefore, it is best to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone lubricants aren’t compatible with silicone toys as it can cause warping.

Does Maia Create Toys for Anal play?

It’s important to note that Maia do not produce products designed for anal play.