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Love Botz Sex Machines

Welcome to the future of sex technology! Love Botz is your one-stop shop for the most comprehensive collection of sex machines worldwide! Whether you’re in the market for a 300-strokes-a-minute pounding machine, or a highly stimulating, self-propelled rocking machine, you’ve come to the right place!

Love Botz is the first and only full line of auto-strokers, thrusting devices, and advanced sex machines, featuring a range of unique designs. From self-propelled insertion, spinning masturbators to mechanised penetration.

Cue the music, “get on up… like a sex machine.” Invest in your very own Love Botz machine, and you’re sure to experience pleasure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Thrusting, shaking, and vibrating sex machines and oral sex machines are all designed for hand-free stimulation and sexual arousal. Pair them with a sex lube for an easier ride and browse our range of sex aids and accessories to make things more exciting. 

About Love Botz

Botz have created sex machines available for home use. They offer the
largest selection of rechargeable, battery-operated, and corded devices
for men and women. Choose Love Botz and surprise your body with more
positions, speed, and power than you thought possible. Whether you’re
buying for solo play, or for putting on a show for a partner, there’s
nothing to lose in trying an automated sex toy. For a more exciting show
time, why not browse our range of fetish wear and sexy costumes
for a little role play? Purchasing a Love Botz sex machine allows you
to improve your performance on what is physically possible.

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Love Botz FAQs

What is a Sex Machine?

If you’re more vanilla when it comes to sex (no shame in that by the way), then you’ll likely be curious as to what a sex machine is. Put simply, they are automated mechanical sex device (sex toy) used for sexual pleasure. There are various types of sex machine for men and sex machine for women, including anal sex machines and bondage sex machines. They stimulate sexual activity without the need for a partner. Sometimes they can be used for couples as a form of exciting play. Browse Love Botz range to find one perfect for your needs.

Why Buy a Sex Machine by Love Botz?

If you’re already into using sex toys, sex machines might be the next level up if you’ve hit a roadblock in your level of satisfaction. Love Botz offers a range of sex machines that provide you with a completely new experience to crank up solo masturbation or foreplay with your partner.

You might ask what the big deal is about owning a sex machine. One of the key benefits is that they offer you complete control over pressure, speed, thrusting styles and more. They can feel just like the real thing while providing you with the ability to personalise the sensation down to a T (or should we say D). Giving you full control allows you to explore yourself and grow more in tune with what feels good for you. Knowledge is power as they say – and this is never truer when it comes to sex!