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Jes Extender Sex Toys

At Mega Pleasure, we pride ourselves in stocking a range of well-renowned brands, and one of the best brands for male sex toys is Jes Extenders. They sell penis traction extension devices to help any man enlarge their penis gradually, so they can avoid plastic surgery. Buy Jes Extender UK products from our online sex shop today, with all orders discreetly packaged. 

Who is Jes Extender?

Extender claims to be the ‘first original penis traction device
company’ as they were the first company to create penis extensions. They
started back in 1995 by Jes Bech Muller and now have over 500,000
customers based all around the world. Jes Extenders create and
manufacture their products in Denmark with the finest materials. Their
non-surgical penis traction devices were originally used by doctors and
plastic surgeons after penis extension operations, but are on the market
as a penis traction device to help men naturally grow their penis size.
You can find 6 different versions of the Jes Extender and it is
available with a range of accessories too.

business philosophy behind Jes Extender is focused on safe penis
enlargement and all about putting comfortability first. Jes Extenders
believes it’s essential to have clinically proven devices that deliver
the best, visible results possible. Penis enlargement to make men feel
more confident and sexually fulfilled is at the core of their brand. For
some men, their penis size is something they pride themselves on and
making it bigger is seen as a self-improvement. It can be compared to
working out at the gym or using beauty products. If you are thinking
about ordering products from Jes Extender UK, all their ranges are safe,
reliable, and luckily affordable too.

Jes Extender UK Products

The Jes Extender UK range of mens sex aids
are a reasonably priced option for those who want to use devices to
extend their penis, and they have saved lots of men that nearly paid for
surgery. Their products improve the blood supply that reaches the penis
tissue to enable better and longer erections. There are different
models when it comes to the Jes Extenders and these include the
straightener, Gold, Light, Original and Platinum so you can take your
pick depending on the results you are looking to gain.

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Jes Extender FAQs

Can a Jes Extender straighten your penis?

If you haven’t been diagnosed with a penile curvature but your penis isn’t quite straight, you can use a Jes Extender to straighten it up and also add length. It will look better and nobody will be complaining when you have a little extra length added on. Jes Extender products are some of the safest and most natural ways to straighten out your penis.

How can Jes Extenders help treat Peyronie’s disease?

Amazingly, Jes Extenders have been known for treating Peyronie’s disease, if you have been diagnosed with this condition you will know it isn’t easily treatable. Peyronie’s disease, or Chordee, is when a penis is bent or curved. Some men have a mild version of this, while others have it worse and struggle with discomfort, this can be painful. Jes Extenders understand this struggle and aim to straighten the penises of those with this disease and at the same time improve the length. It’s a safe and natural way to get permanent penis results.

Will a Jes Extender weaken your erections?

No, but it is natural to think this might happen. A Jes Extender won’t in fact weaken your erection, the devices have actually been proven to help erectile dysfunction. If you are struggling to maintain erections, a Jes Extender can be one of the best natural treatments for erectile problems. However, sometimes you might need to think about getting help mentally for these types of sexual issues.