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Intimate Organics Lubricants

With a full range of lubricants and massage oils for more pleasurable sex and solo time, Intimate Organics specialise in high-quality products to increase sensation during foreplay and sex. Also known as Intimate Earth, you can find a range of their best products here in our online sex shop. Browse and buy online for discreet delivery.

Intimate Organics & Earth Lubes & Oils

the right products to increase your pleasure is important when looking
to improve your sex life. Whether you want to up the ante during solo
play, or want to make an intimate connection with your partner even
better, the full range from Intimate Organics is worth considering. The
brand was founded in 2008 as Intimate Organics, but in recent years has
relaunched as Intimate Earth. Their products have stayed the same and
true to their outlook, providing vegan-friendly products, with only the
name changing. Whether you have used Intimate Organics sex lubes in the past, or want to try Intimate Earth as an alternative to other lubricants, you’ll find plenty of great options.

Their Embrace range focuses on vaginal tightening gel, helping to provide a more intense experience during sex or whilst using vibrators or dildos.
There’s also the Discover range that helps to stimulate the G-Spot with
the serum helping to provide extra sensitivity. You may also want to
look at their Adventure range that will help when using anal sex toys
or during anal play with a partner. If you are wanting better
lubricant, the Signature range from Intimate Organics will provide
plenty of irritant-free and water-based lube too, along with formulas that will work as warming or tingling lube for a pleasurable sensation.

Browse Intimate Earth Products Online

Intimate Organics and Intimate Earth brand is all about providing
natural solutions to sexual pleasure. They are free of harmful chemicals
and are better for your skin and wellbeing during long-term use. We
stock plenty of sex aids
here at Mega Pleasure to help you make the most of every session
whether alone or with your partner. Every kink or fetish can be
satisfied with our product ranges, so browse through our sex toys and more to find the perfect match to use with Intimate Earth lubes.

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Intimate Organics FAQs

How Do I Choose the Best Intimate Earth Lube for Me?

If you have used many different lubes before, you’ll know which are best for your maximum pleasure. If you haven’t used it previously, you’ll have plenty of fun finding out how each works. The Intimate Organics & Earth range use natural ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin. As many are water-based, they are kinder to your body and much easier to clean after use. We also stock silicone lubes to consider which can provide longer-lasting pleasure, but these may leave a sticky residue and are also water-resistant, so consider which you’d prefer to use.

Are Intimate Organics the same as Intimate Earth?

Yes, the brand started life as Intimate Organics and rebranded to Intimate Earth a few years ago. The products remain the same, changing in name only. If you used their lubes and oils before under the Organic name, you’ll find your favourites still within the range under the Intimate Earth branding instead.