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Glamy Sex Toys

Glamy create impressive sex toys that are small, discreet and incredibly fun. They’re deigned to be used during masturbation, sex and foreplay and are perfect for men, women and couple’s play. Shop the innovative and exciting range of sex toys for women and men in our online sex shop now, with discreet packaging always.

Shop Glamy Products at MegaPleasure

so many sex toy products on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed
with which toys you should use. Glamy creates innovative and fun
products that will keep you satisfied. From mini vibes to love balls,
you can tailor your experience to what works for you. All Glamy
products are body safe and travel friendly making them the perfect
companion for holidays, work trips or romantic getaways.

toy is soft, discreet and efficient for your pleasure. You can explore a
range of sensations by exploring the possibilities of the Glamy
products and experience intimate and passionate affairs with yourself or
a partner. Leave your discreet mini Glamy vibrator in your bedside drawer for whenever the mood strikes. Make sure you’re stocked up on plenty of water-based lube, condoms and sexy lingerie when exploring your pleasure with your partner.

Explore Your Sexuality with Glamy

is dedicated to putting your sexual exploration first. With a range of
body-safe, phthalate free sex toys, they’re safe and simple to use all
over your body leaving you free to experiment however you like. Use mini
vibrators to stimulate erogenous zones to help increase arousal before
moving down to your more intimate areas. Mini vibrators are perfect for
travel and can even fit snugly and discreetly on your keyring!

balls are the perfect sex toy for both women and couples. They can
heighten sexual anticipation, boost libido and even help with your
pelvic floor. Use whilst out of the house as a sexy secret between
yourself and your partner as you increasingly get more aroused. See how
long you can stand it before you need to make a trip home to get your
happy ending. Love balls are also great for maintaining and improving
your pelvic floor strength which has many benefits from increased
bladder control to intensifying orgasms. Love eggs are weighted balls
that sit inside your vagina and stimulate your clitoral system which
increases arousal and sexual satisfaction. They’re great to include
during foreplay to add an extra level of thrill and excitement.

men, the fun doesn’t end there. With penis extensions that can boost
the size or your penis, you can enjoy the experience of having a longer
or bigger penis. Slide the extension on a lubed up erection and prepare
to pleasure your love like never before. Shop the full range of Glamy
sex toys right here at MegaPleasure to start your sexual exploration

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Glamy FAQs

How do you use mini vibrators by Glamy?

Mini vibrators are convenient sex toys that can be discreetly hidden away in your bag, drawer or other storage place. Mini vibrators by Glamy are perfect for masturbation or to use with your partner during sex and foreplay. They’re small enough so that they’re easy to handle and can be used all over the body, including intimate areas. When starting to play with your vibrator, explore the vibrations on sensitive parts of your body so that you can get a feel for the intensity before moving down to your genitals. Use with a generous amount of lube to reduce friction and increase pleasure.

How do you clean Glamy sex toys?

You can clean Glamy sex toys easily by wiping down with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner. If you don’t have a sex toy cleaner you can use gentle soap. Leave your toy to air dry before storing in a clean, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.