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Bristol 6 Fashion Accessories

Shop the full range of Bristol 6 nipple covers and other fashion fixes to prevent you from experiencing any fashion faux pas. View the full range now in our online sex shop and get discreet delivery fast.

Who Is Bristol 6?

6 is a fashion brand that specialises in fashion accessories that help
enhance your look. Back in the 2000s when tube tops and low-cut V-necks
were all the rage, it was a fashion nightmare trying to hide your nips
discreetly, and most of the time a traditional bra just wouldn’t cut it!
Coverage was needed to avoid falling victim to a nip slip, and the
go-to pasties and nipple stickers just didn’t do the job well enough.
The pasties would slide off after getting even slightly sweaty and the
stickers just didn’t match the shape of the boob. That’s where Bristol 6
came in.

Bristol 6 designed
innovative nipple covers that keep you covered comfortably throughout
the day without compromising your style. With their best-selling,
premier product Nippies Basic nipple covers, you can now wear beautiful
fabrics and designs that you don’t have to worry about slipping out of.
Bristol 6 is on a mission to make it easier for everyone to feel freedom
in not wearing bras and to confidently express yourself however you like whilst being covered. Shop the full range of Bristol 6 products now.

Buy Bristol 6 Nipple Covers at MegaPleasure

6 nipple covers are the antidote to unreliable pasties that feature a
skin-safe stick and go system with breathable, lingerie-like fabrics to
conceal your nipples in style. You can now freely wear all the outfits
or lingerie you’ve been worried about that may cause nip slips or those slightly more sheer items that don’t leave much to the imagination.

nipple covers come in a range of different colours to suit every skin
tone and include ultra-thin edges for a seamless effect under clothing.
The silicone used is semi-transparent meaning it also blends into
multiple skin tones. The products by Bristol 6 are expertly designed for
seamless wear so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not
you’re on show. From Nippies Basics to Nippies Skin, you can find
whatever you need right here. Nippies Skin allows you to get an
incredible Barbie-like look to your boobs that looks incredibly smooth
under clothes, or for an original take try out Nipple Basic fashion
nipple covers in a smooth or lace style.

Browse Bristol 6 Products Online

than the seamless and fashion-saving designs of the nipple covers,
Bristol 6 also creates other fashion fixes. When you need to make a
quick alteration on an otherwise perfect outfit, Bristol 6’s simple
solutions can help you deliver a perfect fitting style.

are an ideal fix for those who need to adjust the fit of their jeans
when they’re in between sizes, or for those who need to tighten or
loosen due to weight gain or loss. Stylin’ Tape is a double-sided sticky
tape that’s stretchy to avoid puckering and can keep your clothing in
place all day long. No matter what you need, you’ll never experience a
fashion faux pas again with Bristol 6’s fashion fixes!

How to Apply Bristol 6 Nipple Covers

nipple covers couldn’t be any easier. For the Nippie Basic covers,
clean and dry the skin where you’ll be wearing the covers, peel off the
bottom half of the cover and place the protective nipple pad on the
Nippie center. Next, stick the bottom half of the Nippie onto the lower
part of your breast and peel off the top half of the liner. Pull the
cover over your nipple and press on.

apply the Nippie Skin covers, simply wash and dry the area, press the
Nippie on firmly to release any air from underneath for the cover to
form a suction. Hold for a few seconds for the body heat to help keep
the Nippie in place. When you’re done, gently remove the cover and rinse
with mild soap and water and leave to air dry before placing the
adhesive sheet over and returning to their storage case.

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Bristol 6 FAQs

Are Bristol 6 nipple covers reusable?

The Nippie Skin nipple covers are indeed reusable and can last between 20 and 30 uses if taken proper care of. The covers are specially designed to be reused and cleaned after every wear. And even when the adhesive runs out, you can slip them in between tight-fitting tops and bras for coverage! The Nippie Basics are designed for one-time use only as a quick fashion fix, so we recommend keeping a few on hand!

Are Bristol 6 nipple covers waterproof?

Yes! All Bristol 6 nipple covers are waterproof and sweatproof so that you can wear them in the gym, in the gym shower, under a swimsuit and on a hot summers day without worry that they’ll slip off!