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Boxer Games

Boxer Games provide fun, thrilling and innovative novelty gifts and games that are perfect for giving to family, friends and partners. With products ranging from practical gifts to rude and sexy gifts, you’ll find everything you need with ease during your gift hunt right here. Shop the full range of Boxer Games products in our online sex shop now. 

Who Are Boxer Games?

games are an innovative team of creators, manufacturers and designers
that create original and unique gifts that make an impact. They were
established in 1982 with a quest to ‘slay the mundane’ and make
gift-giving fun again. Since they first opened in the 80’s, they’ve gone
from strength to strength creating quirky, wild and fun gifts.

of Boxer Games, Jamie O’Brien, started the company vowing to
revolutionise the gift trade and add more and more fun to the then
boring product mix. Jamie’s ideas continued to grow wilder and wilder as
the company grew. Manufacturing was kept 100% in the UK with 60
production workers at its peak as the newly found niche was growing.
With gifts like novelty condoms, slogan t-shirts, funny mugs and hen
party accessories, there was huge markets to expand into with no limit
on how fun they could really go. Fast forward to now, Boxer Games works
with over 50 factories in the Far East that have allowed them to expand
their range and produce incredible gifts at affordable prices, making
them accessible to all.

Shop Boxer Games Online at MegaPleasure

Gifts create cool and quirky gifts for every occasion and every person
in your life whether it’s your joke loving dad, your prankster partner
or your colleague who’s full of life, there’s a gift suited to them
right here! Boxer Games’ mission is to create the most innovative, weird
and exciting gifts that make your gift hunting extra easy and
enjoyable. By shopping the range of gifts from Boxer Games, you’ll
create special, funny memories and enjoy the laughter and smiles that
come! Explore the wonderfully weird gift ideas from Boxer Games now.

Games takes risks in their product creation that produces innovative
and interesting gifts and games for all. The added value and quality to
each gift is what sets them apart from the rest and they’ll be
continuously producing more and more fun and fabulous gifts for years to
come. Boxer Games pushes the boundaries of gift-giving to provide
products that are anything but boring and they lead the market with
quirky, fun ideas that are built from fresh and interesting concepts. By
making waves, not taking themselves seriously and listening to their
customers, they continue to produce high-quality gifts that are perfect
for everyone.

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving with Boxer Games

rude and tongue-in-cheek gifts and games are what makes Boxer Games so
successful. They’re sure to make your partner or friends laugh out loud!
Whether you’re looking for novelty gifts that are practical, quirky or
just a bit rude, we have the perfect range of products for you.

Spice up your gift game with our range of hilarious and rude gifts by Boxer Games. Choose from naughty books,
sexy grooming kits or cheeky accessories, we’ve got you covered. Boxer
Games even have products that can spice up your sex life like our range
of sex games or sexy novelty gifts
that won’t be out of place in the bedroom. Experience laughter and fun
in the bedroom with Boxer Games and spice things up even more by giving
the gift in your sexiest lingerie.
Sexy gifts by Boxer Games are perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or
anniversaries. Shop the full range of thrilling games and gifts by
Boxer Games now.

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Boxer Games FAQs

What is a novelty gift?

A novelty gift is a gift that is designed to serve no practical purpose but is designed with humour and uniqueness. Practical items can also be labelled as novelty with humorous or non-functional additions like quotes or rude designs. You can get a whole range of different novelty items right here with Boxer Games to give the funniest and cheekiest gift of all.

How do I choose the best gift?

This all depends on the person you’re gifting. If you’re buying for your partner, choose a novelty gift that’s cheeky and sexy that can inspire sexual thoughts and actions. For family members, a funny mug or item with a quote is a great idea. For co-workers or friends then something more tongue-in-cheek might stir up some laughter! If you need help choosing the perfect gift, get in touch with our experts now.