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Allure Lingerie

Allure Lingerie has been a trendsetter in the intimate apparel industry for around 30 years and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Feel super confident and unapologetically sexy in the incredible range of Allure Lingerie. Shop now in our online sex shop

About the Allure Lingerie Brand

Lingerie was established around 30 years ago manufacturing high quality
lingerie and accessories. The cutting edge pieces that combine rock
chick chic and femininity have made the brand an industry leader in
North America and Europe where you can shop the lines online and in
certain retail outlets. MegaPleasure is a leading supplier of Allure
Lingerie online in the UK to help you look and feel your best. The
Allure brand is all about allowing you to follow your fantasy, flatter
your figure and enhance your sexual experiences by boosting visual
stimulation. Shop the full collection right here, right now.

Lingerie is dedicated in making women feel incredibly sexy and
confident in seductive pieces specially designed to flatter and enhance
the curves of your figure. The mixture of edginess and softness in each
piece of lingerie is what makes this brand extra special and what will
make you look utterly irresistible. The cool rock chic of Allure
Lingerie’s collection is what gives the brand an identity that breaks
rules and boosts sexuality as each piece hosts a signature rock vibe.
When wearing the Allure Lingerie collections, you can feel like the best
version of yourself which transcends into your bedroom plays whatever
they may be. Choose the Allure Lingerie kitten collection for some kinky
bedroom looks, Allure Lingerie plus size for curve hugging designs,
Allure Lingerie second skin collection and much more.

Allure Lingerie Products in the UK

empowered and extra confident in Allure Lingerie pieces that feature
intoxicating styles that fuse sexy attitude with wild sexuality. Each
piece of lingerie
tells a story where you are the star of your own fantasy that you can
bring to life with your lover. Every single piece of Allure Lingerie is
infused with sensuality and edginess that can allow you to tell endless
stories. Choose Allure Lingerie plus size pieces, wet look pieces or
fetish style pieces to match your bedroom style. Wear Allure Lingerie as
part of your bondage journey for elevated role playing and pair with whips, blindfolds, handcuffs
and more for your perfect BDSM night. Why not take your night one step
further and set the mood with some sensual candles and massage oils?

The designers who intricately design each piece are experts in igniting
the fire inside that makes you want to explore yours and your partners
bodies. The lingerie takes you to a whole new world of fantasy and you
can experience the thrill of sex toys
with an open mind. The beautiful pieces of Allure Lingerie come in many
different styles, sizes and colours to help you with your ideal
lingerie look. Choose Allure Lingerie plus size garments for those who
are blessed with fuller curves to flatter your body and enhance your
best assets. Or choose some wet look lingerie by Allure for a step up
from your usual lingerie looks. Lingerie has the power to transform your
body, your confidence and your sexual experience like the Allure
Lingerie kitten collection that can enlighten your fantasies in an
incredible way. So, shop the full range now for a thrilling exploration
of your fantasies.

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Allure Lingerie FAQs

Why Choose Allure Lingerie?

Allure Lingerie is an industry leader due to its signature look that combines edginess and softness to give an impeccable seductive look. Each piece is made with the highest quality materials and is designed specially to flatter the body and make you feel incredibly confident. For 30 years, Allure has been a trendsetter in lingerie by creating sexy pieces that allow women to feel unapologetically sexy and confident to dominate the bedroom. Allure Lingerie’s designs are created by design experts to transcend boundaries and let its lingerie act as the navigation to your deepest fantasies. With many different collections like the Allure Lingerie kitten collection, second skin collection, anniversary collections and more, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love.

How Do You Care for Allure Lingerie?

Lingerie is extremely delicate and needs to be washed, dried and stored with care. If your lingerie still has the label, then we always recommend following the care instructions there. However, we understand how annoying the label can be and it’s common to cut this out. If this happens, we recommend hand washing. Soak the lingerie in warm water with mild detergent and leave to soak. Once soaked, gently rub in the areas where there will be bacteria build up (e.g., in the crotch area). Then, rinse under cool water until the water runs clear and free from suds before gently pressing with a towel and then leaving to air dry naturally away from direct heat and sunlight.