When it comes to things that make life better, lube is right up there. It has the ability to elevate your sexual experiences whether you’re alone or you’re with your partner. It makes everything more fun, more comfortable and more fulfilling. In this article, we will discuss what lube is, how do you use lube, and how to apply lubricants for females.

What Is Lube?

Lube is short for ‘personal lubricant’ and is a liquid or a gel used to reduce friction and irritation during sexual activity. Lube can be useful during all types of sex including penis-in-vagina sex, anal sex, sex toy play and masturbation. Although many people produce their own lubrication, it’s not always enough and many experts suggest always using lube to make sex even more enjoyable.

Lube is especially helpful in conjunction with condom use since it reduces friction and therefore reduces the risk of breakage that may result in unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. It’s even recommended for pre-lubricated condoms since it allows partners to control the degree of slipperiness and adjust it to their preferred level.

There are 3 different types of lube available:


  • Water-based lube: safe to use with condoms and sex toys. It’s super easy to clean and gentle on the skin. However, due to water being its main ingredient, it absorbs quickly into the skin, so more lube is required throughout your sex session.
  • Silicone-based lube: safe to use with condoms, but unsafe to use in conjunction with silicone sex toys or diaphragms. It is less sticky but lasts longer than water-based lube. It’s also perfect for shower sex!
  • Oil-based lube: unsafe to use with condoms or sex toys as oil can break down latex and interfere with the effectiveness of condoms. Oil-based lube can be used for some sex involving skin-to-skin contact.

What Can I Use For Lube?

Although there are many natural lubes to consider, it’s recommended that you only opt for sex lubes that have been formulated with your Ph balance in mind. That way, you reduce the risk of infection.

How Do You Use Lube?

Use it in the hot tub or shower

You may not initially see the benefit of bringing your lube to the hot tub or the shower, but water isn’t a natural lubricant and could actually make things drier. Instead, use a silicone based lube which is naturally water resistant to keep things gliding during your shower sex.

Don’t be afraid to reapply your lube, either. Water can wash away the natural lubricant as well as the silicone lube, so it’s important you reapply to reduce the risk of friction.

Use a lube launcher

A lube launcher literally launches lube high up into the vagina or anus as opposed to putting some on your fingers or penis. Some sex experts recommend using a lube launcher to pre-lube before sex as it slowly works its way down the vagina or anus so by the time you get the penetration part, you’ll be good to go.

Use it for any type of play

Lube is pretty much a necessity in every type of penetration – especially anal. But it shouldn’t stop there. Using lube for hand play, oral play, play with sex toys and more can enhance the sensations you feel and make it more pleasurable for everyone involved. You can even spice things up by incorporating a flavoured lube during oral or foreplay.

Using lube during hand jobs or some fingering action can turn an awkward hand job giver into a certified handy expert. Lubing up your partner’s penis and your hand will ensure that any movement feels incredible and also gives you more room to experiment with new and exciting techniques. The same goes for fingering. Applying some lube to your fingers or your partner's vulva and clitoris helps them to feel maximum sensations and prevents you from waiting for the natural lubrication to help you out.

Use it before penetration even happens

Lube has a reputation as being something you use when you or your partner is having a hard time maintaining their own lubrication, but this isn’t correct. You should use lube no matter what and during every step of your sexual experience. Lube during foreplay, dry humping and oral is an exciting way to ramp up the sensations.

How To Apply Lubricants For Females

Sex lubricants for women are made to reduce friction during sex which makes sex more enjoyable. For many reasons, women don’t always produce enough lubricant to avoid friction, it’s actually very common to need additional lubrication to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s menopause, anxiety, stress or it’s just how your body works, adding a lube for females is a great opportunity to explore even more pleasure.

You can apply lubricants by adding some to your fingers and warming up before applying to your vulva, clitoris and vagina. You can also apply your lube to your partner's genitals or your sex toy if engaging in toy play.


Choosing any kind of lube is sure to make your sexual experience better. It provides slip so that you avoid friction and also makes things a million times more enjoyable. You can use lube alone, with your partner, with sex toys, in the shower and even help stimulate you further with the use of warming and tingling lubes. When it comes to sex, the slipperier the better, so choose your favourite lube and explore the different ways that you can enjoy yourself or each other. 

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