The landscape of dating continues to evolve, shaped by new societal norms, technological advancements, and a deeper understanding of personal wellness. This year promises to bring fresh dating trends that redefine how we seek and build connections. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all dating approaches. Instead, we're seeing a more nuanced, personalised journey towards finding companionship and love.

So, what will be the most significant trends set to shape the dating world in 2024? From the rise of 'Thera-Posing', where therapy language permeates everyday dating conversations, to the emphasis on emotional intimacy over physical connections, these trends highlight a shift towards more mindful, self-aware approaches to dating. If you’re wondering whether people are still flocking to dating apps to help, the latest stats show they’re not going anywhere, with 7% of all adults online using apps like Tinder, Hinge and Plenty of Fish last year.

Whether you're looking to find love this year, understand the new dating landscape, or simply stay informed, the latest dating trends below will ensure you’re fully aware and (hopefully) ready for what your next date might have in store. Remember, if it doesn’t work out, there’s always the latest adult sex toys to keep you entertained instead.


'Thera-Posing' refers to the increasing use of psychological or therapy-related language when dating, sometimes out of context or without a deep understanding of its implications. It's a reflection of the growing awareness and conversation around mental health, but also raises concerns about the casual, and at times incorrect, use of clinical terms in everyday dating interactions.

Thera-Posing can often happen when someone diagnoses behaviour or labelling their dates with psychological terms they might have heard or read about. For example, casually calling someone a 'narcissist' based on a superficial understanding of the term, rather than as a clinically accurate description. According to a survey by Plenty of Fish, about 33% of people know someone who engages in Thera-Posing, with the trend being particularly prevalent among younger generations like Gen Z​​.

It's a fine line between being informed about mental health and misusing psychological terminology. Whilst dating, understanding and respecting the boundaries and implications of mental health language becomes increasingly important.

Premature Intimacy

The concept of 'Premature Intimacy' (PMI) revolves around the idea of sharing intensely personal information or experiences at an early stage in the dating process, otherwise known as oversharing. The boundaries of personal disclosure are often crossed too soon, leading to discomfort or a sense of overwhelming intimacy.

From divulging deep family issues on a first date to sharing intricate details about past relationships or personal challenges prematurely, there’s lots here people may relate to. In fact, 65% of people have experienced such oversharing in their dating encounters​​.

This trend reflects a shift in how people approach connection and vulnerability. While openness and honesty are vital in forming deep relationships, PMI points to the need for a balanced approach in pacing personal disclosures. Ideally, you want to gradually build trust and comfort, allowing intimacy to develop organically without forcing it.


'Crypt-ick' describes a situation where an excessive focus on a single, often niche, topic leads to disinterest or discomfort in a relationship. This trend particularly highlights how an overwhelming obsession with certain subjects, specific hobbies, or lifestyle choices, can become a turn-off in the dating world.

The term is a combination of 'cryptic' and 'ick', with the latter representing the feeling of discomfort or queasiness in response to someone's overbearing focus on a specific theme. For instance, if someone spends the entire date discussing nothing but cryptocurrency (can you imagine) it might lead to the 'Crypt-ick' effect. The last thing you want to do is cause your date to quickly lose interest due to the lack of diverse conversation topics, however, nearly 33% of singles have reported experiencing the Crypt-ick, indicating it becoming one of the more annoying modern dating trends to experience​​​​. It’s also a TikTok date trend, with 82.8 million views of #ick at the time of writing.

It's important to maintain a balanced and varied conversation in dating, especially one that doesn’t just talk about yourself. It's a reminder that while having passions and interests is attractive, dominating the conversation with a single topic can be very off-putting.

Emphasis on Emotional Intimacy

One shift in the dating landscape of 2024 is the heightened emphasis on emotional intimacy over purely physical connections. Of all current dating trends, this signifies a deeper search for meaningful connections, where emotional compatibility and understanding take precedence over just getting down to business.

A significant portion of daters now prioritise emotional intimacy, viewing it as more crucial and attractive than the physical aspect of a relationship​​, with 63% more concerned with emotional maturity rather than physical looks. This shift reflects a broader cultural movement towards deeper, more substantial connections, where we seek partners who understand and resonate with our emotional needs and experiences.

The importance of emotional intimacy lies in its ability to foster stronger, more resilient relationships. It involves being able to share feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams openly, creating a bond that goes beyond surface-level attraction. It's about finding someone who can empathise, support, and grow with you emotionally – all the good parts of a successful connection and relationship.

Singles are increasingly aware of the value of emotional intimacy, looking for partners who are not just physically attractive but also emotionally available and understanding. This new dating trend is a response to a world where emotional well-being is becoming as important as physical attraction.

Going Against Constant Improvement

This online dating trend reflects a growing desire among us to find contentment and happiness in our current state, rather than being in a relentless pursuit of personal improvement.

According to Bumble, 55% of single people feel pressured to constantly self-improve, however, 68% of women are taking active steps to be happy with who they are.

The impact of this trend on dating is significant. It encourages individuals to approach relationships with a sense of self-acceptance and authenticity, rather than striving to present an always improving or idealised version of themselves. This means more genuine connections, as people are more likely to be open and honest about who they are and what they truly want from a relationship.

Rejecting constant self-improvement is about embracing your true self and bringing that authenticity into the dating world. It's one of the more refreshing dating trends in 2024 that highlights the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Go Your Own Way With Dating

So, what have we learned about some of the dating trends to watch out for in 2024? Well, it’s clear there is a dynamic shift towards more mindful, authentic connections. with these trends signifying a deeper quest for meaningful relationships.

Above all, it's crucial to stay true to our values and comfort levels when going into the dating scene. Modern dating can be a headache and even overwhelming, but with openness, understanding, and a readiness to embrace new experiences, it can be enjoyable.

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