Squirting Dildos

Squirting Dildos

Give yourself the most lifelike loving you’ve ever had during solo play with our range of squirting dildos designed to bring your cumming fantasies to life. Designed to give you realistic sensations down to every detail. Indulge in an explosive finish with our collection of squirting dildos. Shop now in our online sex shop for discreet packaging and free delivery over £30.

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King Cock 11 Inch Squirting Cock With Balls Flesh

This King Cock Squirter is ultra realistic and will satisfy all your cravings for cum play. Hand scu..


King Cock 9 Inch Squirting Cock With Balls Brown

This King Cock Squirter is ultra realistic and will satisfy all your cravings for cum play. Hand scu..


Shoot Off Squirting Dildo

Add a bit of reality into your solo play with this naughty but oh so nice squirting dildo! Fleshy an..


Squirting Realistic Dildo

This beautifully crafted realistic cock squirts on command! The cock that cums and cums, soft moveab..


Squirting Dildos for Erotic Fantasies

If the ejaculating moment of orgasm gets you going, you’ll love our range of ejaculating dildos. Gone are the days where you need a partner to fulfil your fantasy of being showered with cum, just load up your favourite cumming dildo and control the precise moment you want an explosive finish.

Revel in the experience of being ejaculated in or give yourself a sexy facial with our squirting dildos to act out your fetishes without the need of a real man. Our erotic realistic dildos are enough to take your solo play to whole new levels of realism. Pair with a butt plug or clit vibrator for even more stimulation and to give you that powerful orgasm.

Cumming Dildos for Lifelike Play

Our eye-catching realistic dildos are perfect for giving you a realistic sexual experience. Our ejaculating dildos feature raised veins, bulbous balls and a large head to give you an incredibly lifelike sensation. Fill the squirting dildo with a liquid of your choice and enjoy the sweet sensation of being ejaculated into. Use alone during masturbation and solo play to satisfy your kink or use with your partner for some fun facials and experimentation. Our range of cumming dildos are perfect for both men and women and are safe for vaginal and anal penetration. Pair with a vibrator for extra stimulation or dress up in some fetish clothing or sexy lingerie for an erotic dream come true for you or your partner.

Squirting Dildos FAQs

Squirting dildos have tubing inside that can force the ejaculate of your choice out of the top like a real penis either by squeezing the shaft or by a remote control. This allows you to have precise control of when the ejaculating dildo squirts and how hard it squirts. Some of our cumming dildos allow you to fill them up similar to a turkey baster, just squeeze the shaft or balls and it will suck up the liquid ready to be let off at your command. Others may let you fill up with a syringe or other tool for precise control of how much comes out.