Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos

Experimenting with different holes can be exciting, especially if this is a fantasy that you have never tried before. It might be best not to start with a huge anal dildo but use a smaller dildo, butt plug, or an anal finger stimulator for preparation. This way you can gradually get used to anal stimulation and avoid giant anal dildos until you’re ready for maximum penetration. Spend over £30 on anal or vaginal sex toys from our online shop to get free delivery. All packages are discreetly wrapped. 

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Lovetoy 2 Inch Vibrating Double Pleasure Extender

Intensify pleasure for both of you and add inches instantly with the Vibrating Pleasure X-tender sle..


Lovetoy 7 Inch Dual Layered Silicone Cock

Built to deliver the most lifelike satisfaction, Love Toy dual-layered silicone nature cock is incre..


Rimba Electro Stimulation Anal Dildo

A real rock solid stainless steel anal dildo with power lead to connect straight to the RIMBA power ..


Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Melany Anal Dildo

This multi coloured anal plug has a bulbous shape tip, narrow shaft and a flat base. Depending on th..


The Best Anal Dildos at Mega Pleasure

A large anal dildo option would have to be a double-ended anal dildo, our 15 inches double dong can be used for anal and vaginal insertion. The thick shaft on one side is ideal for vagina use with added glands, veins, and soft skin, whereas, the thinner side is perfect for anal use. Double up your pleasure with this long anal dildo. Another similar product is the double mini dong, a less realistic jelly penis that’s also suitable for both vagina and anal fun.

Beginners should warm up to anal and not jump straight in with a huge anal dildo, we recommend using our anal training kits so you can build up gradually to anal sex. Make sure you pair anal dildos with an anal lube of your choice to ensure friction-free fun. If you have a partner you can practice together until you feel ready for a long anal dildo.

If you don’t want to only invest in a toy for anal use, we suggest a bullet that can be used for clit, vagina, nipple, and anal stimulation. Those looking for a versatile pocket rocket can go for the sexy gold bullet. A powerful yet whisper-quiet little toy with a USB charger. This one can even be used in the shower or bath as it’s waterproof too!

Alternatives To Anal Dildos

An alternative to anal dildos is a butt plug, a smaller option for those who don’t want extra-deep penetration. A dildo for anal can be too much for some and if this is you, find our range of other anal sex toys for alternatives.

Anal Dildo FAQs

The answer is no, make sure you don’t do this as a regular dildo could get stuck. Anal dildos need to be the right shape and size, stick to the advertised anal toys. If you don’t feel comfortable with an anal dildo you can go for a butt plug. You can get these in all sizes though, with huge anal dildos available for those who like a larger size and smaller ones who are more content with that shape and size.