Sex Toy Cleaner

Sex Toy Cleaner

Making sure your sex toys are squeaky clean before and after use is essential to ensure your downstairs area is free from infections and keeps your toy in use for much, much longer. Shop the best sex toy cleaners for both male and female sex toys now in our online sex shop.

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TOYJOY Organic Toy Cleaner 150ml

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Shop the Best Sex Toy Cleaner

When using your favourite vibrator, dildos for women or other adult sex toys, it’s inevitable that it’s going to collect bodily fluids, lube, massage oils etc., so it’s important you give them a good old clean when you’re finished to reduce the number of bacteria that builds up that can cause nasty infections down below. Our range of antibacterial sex toy cleaner effectively removes harmful germs leaving them just as good as new. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to hygiene and convenience, so that’s why we have a huge collection of different sex toy cleaners to choose from.

Browse our spray bottle antibacterial sex toy cleaner, a foaming sex toy cleaner, a cream cleanser and more for gentle cleansing action to remove unwanted bacteria and dirt. Our mess free spray bottles dispense the perfect amount of cleaner every time so that you can be sure you’re giving a great clean. Our highly effective antibacterial sex toy cleaner gives a thorough clean and ensures your toys stand the test of time. Shop the best sex toy cleaners online in the UK now.

Male Sex Toy Cleaners

Ensure your favourite fleshlight, prostate massager or cock and ball rings is as good as new with our male sex toy cleaners. They’re super easy and quick to use and are a great way to prepare your favourite pleasure toys and to disinfect them after your play.

Our male sex toy cleaners are compatible with all types of sex toys, even the real-feel silicone! Spritz, spray and rub down your toys with our male sex toy cleaners and store them away ready for next use. Making sure your male sex toys are cleaned after every use will ensure the longevity of the product.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys with Sex Toy Cleaner

If your product is made from medical grade silicone, stainless steel or glass we always recommend using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure optimum hygiene. It’s also important to let your toy dry thoroughly as any dampness before storing could lead to damage.

Whether you use a spray, foam or cream cleanser, it’s always a great idea to rinse off any debris before following with a sex toy cleaner. Store away in a dry and safe place once thoroughly clean and dry ready for next use.

Sex Toy Cleaner FAQs

You should clean your sex toys after every use, with no exceptions! The bodily fluids, lube, dirt and whatever else that you may be using that inevitably make its way onto the sex toy can cause bacteria to build up. This can end up causing harmful infections and you could be opening yourself up to bacteria, viruses and even parasites. We also recommend cleaning your sex toy before every use too to remove any dust, lint and other debris (such as pet hairs etc.) that happen to get on everything.