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Zini Sex Toys

With their range of sexual wellness products, Zini is a brand that will help ensure you stay safe, clean, and irritant-free during sex. We stock a selection of Zini cleansers and products to use whenever you need them, one of many brands in our online sex shop. Browse and buy online and get free delivery on orders over £30.

Zini Cleansers & Products

as safe and protected as possible is a must when having sex with a new
partner. The range of products from Zini is designed to not only do this
but also help with your enjoyment. The cleaner you are, the more
confident you will feel, and you can find this with the full Zini range.
As part of the Solution by Zini range, you can choose intimate hygiene
products that are designed for easy application and use. Most require
minimal effort to ensure your genitals stay clean and fresh, without any
of the harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause irritation when
using other hygiene cleansers.

Mega Pleasure, we have a whole range of personal hygiene items to
choose from, with Zini one of the many brands we stock. The brand also
specialises in sex lubes
to help enhance your alone time or experience with a partner. Their
sexual rejuvenation products can help improve the sensation felt and
ensure there are no unwelcome side effects. This includes protection
during sex and improvement to any damaged skin, whilst other Zini
products will help to make the slightest touch even more sensitive and

Buy Zini Products Online

you are looking for flavoured lube or anal lube, you’ll find it at Mega
Pleasure. Sexual wellness is important for all men and women, so
choosing products that can help improve your experience is ideal.
Whether you want to experience better pleasure alone or create an
unforgettable experience with a lover, using Zini products can assist in
every way. When paired with the right sex toy,
you can ensure the fun never stops and is as often as you want it
without pain or irritation. Zini lube gels and intimate hygiene
cleansers are the perfect accompaniment for an active sex life.

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Zini FAQs

How Do I Use Zini Intimate Cleanser Products?

It’s simple to get started with any of the Zini range of products. Most can be squeezed or pumped onto your fingers or intimate area to use, rubbing in gently. You won’t need to use a lot of solution, gel, or lube, so start small and add more if required. If you notice any irritation or side effects, you should stop using and wash the area. The great thing about the Zini range is that it is compatible with vibrators and other toys you may want to use too, so you can use their lubes however you want and choose their intimate cleansers for care and attention in-between sensual play.

Can I Use Other Products for Intimate Hygiene?

As your genitals are a very sensitive area, you’ll want to be careful about the products you choose to use. Many people may use harsh chemicals or ingredients that are present in regular shower gels or washes, however, these are not designed specifically for your intimate areas. Even using regular soap can cause irritation, which is why brands like Zini develop intimate hygiene products to use instead.