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Stimul8 Lubricants

Depending on what you’re looking for from Mega Pleasure, all of our brands are premium and have a selection of products. One of our favourites is Stimul8, who stock lubricants, erotic massage oils, sex toy cleaners, and much more! These are a great brand to check out if you’re looking to buy a few products at once and improve your bedroom sexy time, whether you’re into masturbating solo or having intercourse with a partner.

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Who are Stimul8?

are a sex toy brand that stock a range of products, mainly lubricants,
erotic massage oils, and toy cleaning sprays. They are a trustworthy
brand with a passion for enhancing stimulation in the right places.
Browse their range for some of the best products we stock!

Stimulate Erotic Massage Products

you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner or a
playmate, why not try out a massage? It you are with a long-term
partner, and you usually just go for a quickie, why not slow things down
with an erotic massage? Stimul8 knows exactly what to put in their
massage products to make anyone relax and warm up.

Stimul8 Lubricant Products

you’re looking for more interesting sexual intercourse with a partner
or a more intimate playtime with your sex toys, lubricants could be your
answer! Stimul8 have a range of different lubricants, the aloe vera
flavour being our favourite. Their lubricant products are water-based,
meaning they cause minimal irritation and can be used with any sex toys.
It’s always crucial to invest in a lube that’s body-safe. Their
lubricants are also paraben free and compatible with condoms, what more
could you want from a lubricant? Get that sensational glide with a
Stimul8 lubricant and the benefits of using reap the positive skin
benefits of using aloe vera too.

Stimulate Toy Cleaner Products

those who are looking to invest in new sex toys, it’s always worth
finding a sex toy cleaning product when you’re buying. Keeping your
sex toys clean will prolong their lives and also help you prevent the
spread of any bacteria. Stimul8 stock an organic sex toy cleaner spray
that is antiallegic and pH neutral.

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Stimul8 FAQs

Why are water-based lubricants important?

Using a lubricant can irritate some people if it’s not made with natural ingredients. It’s best to look out for water-based lubricants if you know you’re sensitive. Lubricants based on water, are also better for sex toys as they cause minimal damage.

Why should I buy erotic massage oil?

Going for a massage oil that is labeled ‘erotic’ can be a great way to relax and get in the mood, or simply improve your sleep and stress levels. Erotic oils, like the ones stocked by Stimul8 at Mega Pleasure usually have a seductive scent, green tea, and lilac blossom is one of our favourites. Aromatherapy is a tactical way to help someone relax, as our senses are powerful.

Why should I invest in a cleaning products spray?

Many people add a sex toy cleaning product to their shopping basket when they’re purchasing sex toys. This can be the best way to keep any toys clean before and after use. Cleaning your toys after use is essential to minimise the spread of bacteria.