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Shunga Sex Toys

At Mega Pleasure, we stock a range of massage oils and candles and one of our top brands for therapeutic products is Shunga. We have been stocking this brand since we opened and you cannot miss out on their relaxation massage oils, which come in a range with different essential oils included. Aromatherapy is one way to get you in the mood, whether you want to become aroused or simply have a romantic, chilled-out evening with your partner.

All our orders are discreetly packed, so if you’d like to surprise that special someone with a Shunga sex and pleasure massage oil, we can help you keep it a secret.

Who Are Shunga?

is a popular brand that is inspired by erotic Shunga art. At Mega
Pleasure, we have a range of their massage products. The most popular
are massage creams and aphrodisiacs. Their beautiful packaging makes
them a best seller and can even add some decoration to your bedroom or
bathroom. All Shunga sex and pleasure products are made from natural
ingredients that help to soothe and arouse your body, no matter where
they are used. All their products have a non-greasy formula to make sure
your pores won’t clog up after being massaged.

Shunga Flavoured Massage Oils

into the world of Shunga, the Japanese erotic art with the sensational
range of flavours offered by Shunga sexy oils. Some of our favourites at
Mega Pleasure are coconut thrills, sweet lotus, vanilla fetish,
sparkling strawberry wine, and stimulation peach. There will be no
massage like it when you smell these divine scents.

out something new in the bedroom with your partner like playing with
smells, as this can be erotic and interesting. After a long day at work
or after the gym, a massage with Shunga oils will be something else.
Massage oils can also make you feel more intimate with each other and
they certainly promote seduction at the same time.

What can massage oils be paired with?

If you want to lead your massage into something sexier, you can find a range of lubes at Mega Pleasure and sex toys. Don’t directly pair your Shunga oil with toys, it’s best to use lubricant instead for any internal play.

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    Shunga Massage Oil FAQs

    Where can Shunga massage oils be used?

    For Shunga sex and pleasure, massage oils can be used all over the body as the ingredients are natural. No matter where you use them, you will feel instantly relaxed and calm. These oils can be a great way to get you in the mood if you aren’t feeling it at first. The oils shouldn’t be used in intimate areas, they are for external use only.

    Can you heat up Shunga massage oils?

    Yes, if you want to make a massage even more romantic or arousing, you can heat the Shunga body oils before you use them for a massage. The best way to do this is in a bowl with hot water, but make sure you don’t add too much oil as you don't want the oil to get too diluted.

    Are Shunga sexy oils edible?

    No, you should make sure you do not use this oil on intimate areas or for oral purposes as they aren’t designed to be edible. Even though the range of flavours are inviting, the massage oils are for massaging your body and not to be used as a lubricant or sex aid.

    Do I need to wash off the massage oil after using it?

    No, you don’t need to wash it off. You can simply let it soak in after your massage as the non-greasy formula is designed to slowly be absorbed by your skin, you won’t clog up your pores. However, make sure you don’t use too much oil as this could become messy.