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JO Lubricants

JO Lubricants UK is a best-selling lube brand that is focussed on enhancing sex and masturbation for men, women and couples. The brands range of lube is compatible with all sex toys and condoms and are fragrance and colour free so that those with sensitive skin can boost their enjoyment too. Lube is an essential accessory to reduce friction and boost enjoyment and can heighten the experience for everyone involved. Shop the full range of JO lubricants in our online sex shop now.

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JO Lubricants provide long lasting, silky smooth lubrication during sex, foreplay and masturbation. Water-based lube
by JO Lubricants is designed to supplement the body’s natural
lubrication. The feather-soft texture is like no other and is super long
lasting so that you get heightened sensations for longer during sex. JO
Lubricants UK uses the highest quality ingredients and uses only
plant-sourced glycerine with no animal by products.

lube by JO Lubricants UK is specially created to be safe to use with
all condoms and comes in easy-to-use packaging that isn’t a fiddly task
when you need it the most. Every one of JO Lubricants lubes is super
slippery, scentless and colourless with a non-sticky glide to ensure you
get the most pleasure out of your experience.

Enhance Sex with JO Lubricants

you don’t currently use lube during sex, foreplay or masturbation,
you’re missing out! JO Lubricants UK provide lube that enhances every
touch, caress, kiss or lick on your body and intimate areas so that you
never experience friction. JO Lubricants can be used anywhere and
everywhere on the areas that feel good to you. Try applying lube to your
erogenous zones before massaging or using a vibrator
to tease and tantalise. When using during sex and foreplay, it can help
to boost your arousal and make everything feel that much sweeter. Even
if your condoms come already lubed, you can add more to help get things
going. As we always say, the wetter the better!

you suffer with vaginal dryness, or you just struggle getting things
going down there, then lube can help things get wet and wild. Adding an
extra dose of lube to your sexual activities can also make your sex
safer as it lessens the risk of injury during sex. Even when using
condoms, the lack of friction when adding a JO Lubrication product can
reduce the risk of breakage which therefore protects against STI’s and
unwanted pregnancies.

Lubricants UK are popular brand of body-safe, sensitive lube that
doesn’t contain fragrance or colour meaning even the most sensitive of
vulvas and penises can experience fun without worry. Enjoy sex and
masturbation in a fun and fabulous way with JO Lubricants. Shop your
favourite lube online at MegaPleasure now.

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JO Lubricants FAQs

Can you use JO Lubricants for anal sex?

Yes! Jo Lubricants are perfect for anal sex as they’re super slippery and long lasting. Anuses can’t produce natural lubricant like the vagina, so including JO Lubricants products when engaging in anal sex can make the experience easier and more comfortable for both partners. Before engaging in anal sex, make sure to warm your anus up by massaging or using butt plugs and use a generous amount of lube to penetrate.

How do you apply lube?

Before engaging in sex, foreplay or masturbation, apply a generous amount of lube to your fingers, toys or genitals. This allows for easier penetration and reduces the risk of friction which can make an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. Using lube during external stimulation or internal stimulation is important to ensure you experience heightened sensations.