Sex is an essential part of human intimacy and can be an incredibly fulfilling experience when approached with curiosity and openness. One aspect of sexual exploration that often goes overlooked is the significance of different sex positions in enhancing pleasure and lasting longer in bed. In this blog, we'll delve into some of the best sex positions to last longer in bed that you can try at home today!

Before we look at a specific sex position to last longer, it's crucial to understand why experimenting with different positions is essential. Repeating the same routine in the bedroom can lead to sexual stagnation and eventually result in a decline in arousal and satisfaction. Trying out easy sex positions to last longer adds variety and novelty to your sexual encounters, keeping things exciting and engaging for both partners.

Missionary with a Twist

Our first sex position that makes you last longer can create an incredible connection between partners. Instead of the usual missionary hip-to-hip alignment, try scooting your bodies closer together until your chests touch. This modification allows for deeper penetration and increased clitoral stimulation, leading to heightened arousal for both partners.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is renowned for its primal and intense nature. In this position, the receiving partner is on all fours while the giving partner enters from behind. This position provides a sense of control for the giver and allows for deeper penetration. To last longer in this position, focus on rhythmic movements rather than vigorous thrusting. This technique can help you maintain arousal without overstimulation, and can be used for vaginal and anal penetration. You might consider adding anal sex toys or buying a strap-on for this position.

The Coital Alignment Technique

The Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT, is the best sex position to last longer if you also want more clitoral stimulation. To achieve CAT, the giving partner shifts their body slightly upwards, aligning their pelvis with the receiving partner's clitoris. This position maximises contact with the clitoris during penetration, leading to increased pleasure and prolonged arousal.


Spooning is an intimate position that fosters a deep emotional connection between partners. Lie on your sides, with the receiving partner's back against the giver's chest. This is one of the best sex positions for lasting longer and allows for slow and gentle movements, reducing the risk of premature ejaculation while maintaining a strong emotional bond. Experiment with the angle and depth of penetration to find the perfect balance of pleasure and lasting power.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl is the best sex position to last longer for the receiving partner’s pleasure, as they control the pace and depth of penetration. This position also allows the giving partner to admire their partner's body, adding a visual element to the experience. For longer-lasting pleasure, the receiving partner can practice rhythmic movements or incorporate pelvic floor exercises to enhance control and stamina.

The Lotus

The Lotus is another excellent choice for the best sex positions to last longer in bed because it involves both partners sitting face-to-face, with the receiving partner's legs wrapped around the giver's waist. This intimate position fosters a deep emotional connection and encourages mindfulness during lovemaking. By focusing on your breath and staying present in the moment, you can prolong arousal and heighten pleasure with this sex position that makes you last longer.

Standing Straddle

The standing straddle position is a dynamic and intimate option for the best sex positions for lasting longer that can be adapted to suit partners of different heights and body types. In this position, one partner stands while the other partner wraps their legs around their waist, facing each other. This setup allows for deep penetration and intense eye contact, enhancing the emotional connection and arousal. To prolong pleasure in this position, the standing partner can lean against a wall or support their partner's weight on a stable surface to conserve energy and stamina.

Explore and Play Today!

Exploring different easy sex positions to last longer and spice up your sex life. The key to lasting longer in bed is not just about finding the perfect position but also about communication, emotional connection, and understanding each other's desires and boundaries. Remember that every individual is unique, and what works for one couple may not work for another. You can also try adding some sex toys for further experimentation in the world of bedroom play!

Be open to trying new things, stay attuned to your partner's needs, and most importantly, enjoy the journey of sexual exploration together. Whether it's the classic missionary with a twist, the intensity of doggy style, the intimacy of spooning, or the empowerment of reverse cowgirl, the best sex positions to last longer are the ones that bring you and your partner the most pleasure and satisfaction.

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