Ah, Spring! When everything's waking up after the long, cold nap of Winter. The days are getting longer, the air's getting warmer, and hey, let's be honest, our thoughts are turning a bit... friskier. It’s like the whole world’s saying, "It's time to shake things up," and who are we to argue with that?

Spring is all about new beginnings and finding joy in the fresh and the new – yes, even in the bedroom (or wherever you fancy). Think of it as nature’s way of giving us a nudge to try something different, and what’s more fun than exploring new sex positions that make you feel as alive as the season itself?

So, how can you make it a Springtime full of pleasure? Below you’ll find four of the best Spring sex positions that promise to awaken your desires. And because here at Mega Pleasure we love making things even more interesting, we’ll match each position with a fabulous adult sex toy that’ll take the experience from "Oh, that’s nice" to "Oh, my, that’s... WOW!"

#1 – The Blooming Orchid

A position as open and inviting as the first flowers of Spring, The Blooming Orchid symbolises new beginnings and the beauty of opening up to one another. It’s all about vulnerability, intimacy, and the blossoming of pleasure between you and your partner.

How it works:

In The Blooming Orchid, one partner lies on their back, legs spread wide like petals ready to welcome the sun, while the other partner kneels in front, ready to be enveloped by the warmth and beauty before them. This position encourages deep connection, eye contact, and the exploration of each other's bodies in the most intimate of ways.

Recommended Adult Toys:

  • Vibrating Couples Ring – This little wonder adds a buzz to both partners, enhancing the sensations of every movement. A vibrating cock ring is like adding a gentle hum of bees to pollinating flowers, but in this case, it’s the mutual pleasure being cultivated.
  • Clitoral Vibrator – Perfect for adding that extra touch of pleasure for the partner lying back and blooming, a clitoral vibrator with its focused vibrations can mimic the gentle touch of a butterfly landing on a flower, making every moment more intense and joyful.


  • Use pillows under the hips of the partner lying down to elevate the pelvis for an even deeper connection.
  • Explore different angles and depths to find what feels best, remembering that like every flower in the garden, everybody is unique.
  • Communication is key – let each other know what feels good, what you want more of, and what you’re curious to try. Think of it as watering the garden; a little bit of care can lead to beautiful growth.

The Blooming Orchid is an invitation to open up, explore, and connect on a deeply personal level. And with the added buzz of our recommended toys, you’re sure to find new levels of pleasure and intimacy this spring.

#2 – Spring Shower Delight

As refreshing as April rains that bring May flowers, the Spring Shower Delight is about merging the sensual with the natural. It's a steamy encounter that not only celebrates the renewing energy of Spring but does so in a way that’s as playful and refreshing as the season itself.

How it works:

This position invites you to take the warmth and intimacy into the shower. With one partner standing and the back pressed against the cool tiles, and the other embracing them from the front, the water cascades over you both like a gentle spring rain. It's a standing position that requires balance and trust, with the added element of water heightening every touch and sensation.

Recommended Adult Toys:

  • Waterproof Vibrator – Designed to be fully submersible, these vibrators ensure that not even a drop of pleasure is missed among the droplets of water. It's perfect for adding an extra thrill to your shower play, proving that good things come in waterproof packages.
  • Suction Handcuffs – Secure these sex handcuffs to the shower wall for a safe, yet exciting way to explore the boundaries of pleasure and control, just like suction cup vibrators. They add an element of kink to the aquatic adventure, making every moment more exhilarating.


  • Safety first! Ensure that the shower floor has a non-slip mat to prevent any accidents. The only slipping should be into bliss.
  • Adjust the water temperature to a comfortable warmth. Let it be a gentle rain that soothes, not a scalding downpour that distracts.
  • Use the rhythm of the water as inspiration to explore the rhythms of your bodies. Let the sounds of the shower envelop you, creating a private world where only pleasure exists.

Spring Shower Delight is an experience that washes away the remnants of Winter, inviting warmth, connection, and playful exploration. With the added excitement of a few shower toys, you’re all set for a Springtime rendezvous that’s as invigorating as the first rain.

#3 – The Butterfly Flutter

This Spring sex position is all about lightness, subtlety, and the gentle touch of Spring's first warm breezes. It's a reminder of the delicate balance between giving and receiving, akin to the effortless dance of butterflies in a sunlit garden.

How it works:

In The Butterfly Flutter, one partner sits on a chair or the edge of the bed, representing the stability and support of a branch, while the other partner, embodying the grace of a butterfly, perches on their lap, facing them. Legs wrap around like wings in mid-flutter, allowing for deep, close contact and the freedom to explore movements that are as rhythmic and mesmerising as a butterfly’s flight.

Recommended Adult Toys:

  • Remote-Controlled Egg Vibrator – This discreet yet powerful remote control love eggs bring an element of surprise and excitement to The Butterfly Flutter. Inserted internally by the partner embodying the butterfly, it allows the seated partner to control the vibrations, adding an unpredictable thrill to each movement.
  • Feather Tickler – Perfect for mimicking the softness of spring and the gentle touch of butterfly wings. Use a tickler or whip to explore each other's bodies, finding those sensitive spots that flutter with pleasure at the lightest touch.


  • Communication especially when incorporating toys is key here. Discuss beforehand how you'd like to use them and always keep each other informed about what feels good.
  • Experiment with the rhythm and intensity of movements. Let the seated partner guide the butterfly's flight with gentle hands, exploring the heights of pleasure as you go.
  • Don’t rush. The beauty of The Butterfly Flutter lies in its gentleness and the exploration of sensation. Let the pleasure build slowly, like the warmth of a spring day.

The Butterfly Flutter is a celebration of the tenderness and playful exploration that Spring embodies. You’re sure to discover new heights of pleasure that are as ephemeral and beautiful as the season itself.

#4 – The Rolling Meadows

Embrace the freedom and expansiveness of the season with The Rolling Meadows. This is a Spring sex position that invites you and your partner to explore the boundless joy of movement and touch, reminiscent of a carefree frolic through lush, green fields – or something very close to it.

How it works:

This position is all about using the vastness of your bed (or any comfortable, spacious surface, or even sex furniture) to explore each other's bodies with the fluidity of rolling hills and meadows. Start with one partner lying down, while the other gently rolls over them, switching positions in a fluid, rolling motion that allows both to take turns in being on top. This playful exploration is not just about penetration but about the sensual glide of skin on skin, the exchange of weight, and the intimate connection of shared movement.

Recommended Adult Toys:

  • Massage Oil Candle – Before you begin, light a massage candle to fill the room with a soothing scent and create a warm, inviting glow. Once the oil is melted, use it to massage each other, letting the warm oil ease any tension and enhance your skin-on-skin sensations.
  • G-Spot Vibrator – Incorporate a G-spot vibrator to explore and stimulate the G-spot during your meadow rolls. Its ergonomic design is perfect for reaching deep pleasure points, enhancing the intimate exploration as you roll and move together.


  • Keep the motion slow and deliberate to savour the sensation of each roll and the warmth of physical contact. Think of it as moving through a meadow in slow motion, taking in every detail of the experience.
  • Use pillows for support and comfort as you explore different angles and positions. They can also help in creating varying levels of elevation for new sensations.
  • The Rolling Meadows is as much about fun and connection as it is about pleasure. Communication and laughter are key, so let yourselves enjoy the process, adjusting and experimenting as you go along.

The Rolling Meadows is a celebration of the new life and growth that Spring brings, mirrored in the blossoming of your own pleasure and intimacy. With the warmth of the massage oil and the targeted pleasure of a G-Spot vibrator, you're all set for a journey through the sensual landscapes of each other's bodies.

Wrapping Up Our Spring Fling

Now you have some inspiration with our Spring sex positions, it’s over to you to make them work. Spring is a reminder that pleasure, like nature, is ever-changing and ripe with possibilities. Whether it's the openness of The Blooming Orchid, the refreshing intimacy of Spring Shower Delight, the tender exploration of The Butterfly Flutter, or the playful connection of The Rolling Meadows, each position (and the toys that come with them) offers a unique way to celebrate the renewal that Spring brings.

Our website is a garden of possibilities, filled with couples’ sex toys that can enhance every experience. From the gentle tease of bondage sex toys to the deep vibrations of couple’s vibrators, there's something for every preference and curiosity.

So, take a leaf out of Spring’s book – be bold, be curious, and let your pleasure blossom. For more insights, please visit our blog, where you can learn all about the 20 things your partner wishes you knew about sex, and why showering together is a great idea.

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