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Our range of wet look clothing is specially designed to excite in in the bedroom and beyond. Choose from wet look bodies, bra sets and more for an incredible fetish look that won’t disappoint. Shop the full range in our online sex shop.

Wet Look Clothing FAQs

How do you wash wet look clothing?

Always make sure you read the care labels carefully before washing any clothing or lingerie products. However, if you’ve lost your care label, we always recommend wiping your clothing down with warm water before hand washing with gentle detergent. Leave your garment to air dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

How do you keep ladies wet look clothing looking shiny?

For PVC and latex, shop our range of sprays and shine to keep it looking irresistible. Lubricate your latex look with a latex shine spray by spritzing over the latex and rub with a damp microfibre cloth to reveal the original lustre of your outfit.