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Liberate your senses. Introducing a whole new type of sexual stimulation, MyStim offer a comprehensive range of sex toys that deliver electrical signals to your sensitive nerve endings. Awake your senses and heighten your physical sensations with sadistic satisfaction from MyStim.

MyStim offer an extended product range with the aim of introducing more people to the world of electro-stimulation and sensual toys in the bedroom! 

MyStim FAQs:

How Does Electro Sex & e-Stimulation Work?

There is a multitude of nerve endings and pathways in our body transmitting information to the brain, constantly sending electrical impulses. For instance, a gentle caress of the skin or lick of the lips is transformed from a touch of the nerve endings into an electrical impulse to the brain.

Now you understand the science, e-stimulation talks our body language, without the need for translation. The electro impulses emitted with e-stim toys goes straight to the brain, causing phenomenal excitement and releases of endorphins.

In our genitalia, there are a particular sensitive nerve ending, just waiting to be explored through electro sex.

For electro sex to successfully work, we must touch a positive and a negative pole at the same time, so that current can flow through us. This means there are endless possibilities for how e-stim toys can stimulate our erogenous zones. High-quality e-stim toys are easy-to-use and have pre-installed programmed to guide your play.

Is e-Stim Toys by MyStim Safe?

The stimulation current in the MyStim e-toys is harmless if they are used correctly according to instructions. Important advice is to never use e-stim toys above the belt – avoid areas of the heart, neck, and brain. Further no-go rules include using e-stim toys with a heart defect or pacemaker, during pregnancy, or in conjunction with flammable objects or liquids.

What Lube Shall I Use with MyStim Toys?

MyStim toys need to be used with compatible e-stim-optimised lubricants. Make sure one you use is also condom safe.

How to Clean MyStim toys?

One disadvantage of e-stim toys is that they are difficult to clean since there are a lot of entry points for water. It’s advised to not wash the electrode in warm soap water like others, even when you have used conductive lube. Instead wipe excess lube off and use spray-on sanitizer to clean lube residue off and sterilise the toy.