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Explore the titillating world of E-stim with our range of BDSM electro sex toys for unique electro genital stimulation. These electro sex toys give you a deeper, more intense stimulation that your usual vibrating sex toys just can’t deliver on. The erotic electrical pulses stimulate the nerve endings and create a deeper range of sensation as your gentile muscles involuntary clench causing undeniable pleasure. Shop our range of male and female electro stimulation toys from electric nipple clamps to anal electro stimulation in our online sex shop now.

Electro Sex Toy Related FAQs

What does Electro Stimulation Feel Like?

BDSM electro toys aren’t just for pleasurable pain, they can also be used on gentle settings that may feel similar to a vibrator, just with heightened stimulation. On low settings, the feeling of a slight tingle is present, and as you slowly increase the toy to higher settings this transforms into a tickle which can be a very erotic and sensual sensation. These settings are perfect for external electro genital stimulation such as on the clit, nipples or scrotum. When increasing the settings of the toy even higher, you may feel a more intense stinging sensation. This can feel firmer and cause the genital muscles to contract. The higher settings are usually used for penetration toys such as electro stimulation dildos to arouse the G-spot.

Is Electro Stimulation Dangerous?

The electricity allowed in electro toys is usually fairly minimal, however higher powered TENS units should be used with extra precautions. It’s recommended not to enjoy electro toys if you have heart problems or have a pacemaker fitted, are pregnant, feeling unwell or are dehydrated. You also mustn’t use electro toys on broken skin.

We also recommend always using a sex lubricant when inserting electro dildos, anal plugs or urethral sounds.