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Top Lingerie Styles for 2024

Top Lingerie Styles for 2024

What’s not to like about lingerie? It transcends mere fashion, becoming a bold expression of self and sensuality. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and add the latest sexy lingerie and underwear, you’ll want to check out our list of the top lingerie styles in the UK for 2024.

It’s all about inclusivity, comfort, and aesthetic diversity, promising styles that cater to every preference and body type. From the allure of sheer elegance to the vibrancy of bold colours and the comfort of wireless designs, there’s plenty of lingerie that is rich with innovation and empowerment.

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The Rise of Body Positivity in Lingerie Fashion

Brands are increasingly recognising the importance of designing new lingerie styles that not only look beautiful but feel empowering to wear, regardless of your body size – see our sexy plus size lingerie range.

The focus is on creating pieces that enhance natural curves, offer supportive comfort, and embrace the unique beauty of each individual. This commitment to inclusivity is not just about expanding size ranges but redefining what it means to feel sexy and confident in one's skin.

From luxurious lace that contours gracefully to adjustable and modular designs that cater to varying body types, the lingerie of 2024 is a testament to the industry's evolving ethos. It’s a celebration of every body, ensuring that each person can find lingerie that speaks to their individuality and makes them feel truly seen and beautiful.

Top Lingerie Styles for 2024

#1 – Sheer Elegance

The timeless allure of sheer lingerie continues to enchant, with 2024 bringing designs that skilfully balance exposure with sophistication. This year's pieces play with transparency, layering, and delicate detailing, offering a glimpse into the art of seduction through fabric whether you’re looking for bra sets or bodystockings. Sheer elegance in lingerie is about creating a sense of mystery and intrigue, perfect for those who wish to combine classic beauty with a touch of daring.

#2 – Bold Colours and Patterns

Gone are the days when lingerie was confined to the shadows of black, white, and nude. This year explodes with bold colours and patterns, reflecting a shift towards lingerie that's not just seen but vividly celebrated. From fiery red bodies and teddies to lush greens with knickers and thongs. Even digital-inspired prints are providing something different, with 2024’s top lingerie styles a canvas for self-expression and mood enhancement.

#3 – High-Waisted Retro Revival

Embracing the charm of the past with the technology of today, high-waisted lingerie makes a striking comeback. These pieces offer a flattering silhouette that harks back to the glamour of vintage styles, updated with modern materials for comfort and fit. It’s a nod to those seeking a blend of nostalgia and contemporary elegance.

#4 – Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

Sustainability takes centre stage as many of us want lingerie that not only looks good but does good. Eco-friendly fabrics, ethical production practices, and durable designs define this trend, catering to the environmentally conscious shopper amongst us. This movement towards green lingerie and hosiery represents a commitment to the planet without compromising on style or quality.

#5 – Luxurious Loungewear Lingerie

Blurring the lines between comfort and chic, loungewear-inspired lingerie is on the rise. These pieces combine the ease of loungewear with the sensuality of lingerie, crafted from sumptuous fabrics that feel as good as they look. It’s ideal for those leisurely days or intimate evenings at home, offering a blend of sophistication and relaxation.

#6 – Wireless and Comfort-First Designs

As we seek a balance between comfort and support, wireless lingerie emerges as a frontrunner. These designs focus on providing ample support without the need for traditional underwires, such as with bras, corsets and basques, using innovative materials and construction techniques to enhance natural shapes while ensuring all-day comfort.

#7 – Customisable and Modular Pieces

Reflecting the desire for personalised fashion, customisable and modular lingerie allows wearers to tailor their pieces to fit their mood, occasion, or unique body shape. With detachable straps, adjustable closures, and mix-and-match components, this trend champions lingerie that adapts to you, offering endless possibilities for customisation and versatility.

How to Choose A Lingerie Style That’s Right for You

Choosing lingerie is of course deeply personal, blending style with comfort. Here’s how to find pieces that celebrate you this year:

  • Know Your Style – Reflect on what boosts your confidence – be it the allure of sheer fabrics, the boldness of vibrant colours, or the comfort of wireless designs.
  • Body Positivity – Embrace lingerie that flatters your unique shape, from high-waisted vintage charms to adaptable, customisable pieces.
  • Comfort Is Key – Choose materials and styles that offer flexibility and support, ensuring your lingerie feels as good as it looks.
  • Experiment – Don’t shy away from trying new trends. Lingerie is a powerful expression of personal style whether it’s a sexy babydoll or even an open-cup bra.
  • Sustainable Choices – Consider eco-friendly options that align with your values without sacrificing quality or design.
  • Perfect Fit – Ensure a snug fit to enhance your silhouette, and make the most of sizing guides as needed.

Embrace This Year’s Top Lingerie Styles

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