For anyone looking to increase their sex toy collection, we have a selection well-renowned brands at Mega Pleasure. You won’t want to miss out on You2Toys who have you covered if you’re looking for anal toys, kinky BDSM toys, vibrators or sex toys for couples. They have a huge range of sex toys we highly recommend. If you want to try some different toys, why not spend over £30 and qualify for free delivery? All orders from our online sex toy shop are discreetly packed.

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Clear Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Transparent nubby silicone-like penis sleeve with a small vibrating bullet to be placed in the exten..


Javida Rechargeable Knocking Love Ball

Training and stimulation with an innovative knocking function.A rechargeable Vibro-love ball with a ..


Pussy Opener

Transparent vaginal speculum made of firm and slippery material. Blades open up to 12cm. With enga..


Aluminum Bondage Hook

For real fans of bondage!This butt plug is the perfect toy for exciting bondage games. A rope can be..


AmyRose Cowgirl Love Doll

This cowgirl loves a hot, passionate ride!Amy-Rose is extremely enchanting with her beautiful face a..


Anal Finger Stimulator

2.5 (6.5cm) smooth slim silicone anal plug with finger hole. Ideal for anal beginners...


Anal Special Dildo

Elastic black dildo with a loop for the penis and a testicle ring..


Backdoor Friend Medium Butt Plug

A backdoor friend!This small, fancy plug not only stimulates the anus with its remarkable diameter b..


Bang Bang Penis Pump With Scissor Handle

Penis pump with scissor handle.Large and handy you will definitely get along with it!With scissor ha..


Biggi Lust Bunny Jelly Vibrator

Lust bunny is the all round pleaser. While the firm penis is romping inside of you, your clitoris at..


Black Orgy Bedsheets

Double bed sized shiny black PVC sheet. Fully washable and ideal for slippery games with oil or food..


Black Velvet Douche With Four Attachments

For lively, varied intimate cleansing.Anal shower with 4 different spray attachments,Ball attachment..


Black Velvet Soft Touch Small Penis Sleeve And Vibe

For hard erections with amazing vibrations!Black penis sleeve with holes at the sides, testicle ring..


Black Velvet Thumping Anus Butt Plug

Vibrates in the anal canal and pleasures the anus with thumping impulses!Vibro-butt plug with an inn..


Black Velvet Thumping Rectum Butt Plug

Throbbing, thumping vibration in the backdoor!Vibro-butt plug with an innovative thumping function i..


Boob Slippers

Warm and comfy boob slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 44..


Boobs Apron

apron with a picture of a cartoon female body with big soft cushioned boobs..


Who are You2Toys?

You2Toys are one of our leading brands at Mega Pleasure, they have a range of innovative love toys ideal for getting kinky in the bedroom. They are based on the idea of Yin and Yang, which indicates strong diametric symbolisms of male and female, and them uniting together to form one. This brand is all about intimacy and both genders gaining as much sexual pleasure as possible. They aim to inspire with their multi-toy lines and ensure all their sex toys are made from high quality materials and have high-tech functionality. It’s difficult not to find something suitable for you with this brand.

You2Toys Vibrators

You2Toys have both male vibrators and female vibrators, and some of our favourites are the remote control vibrators and bullet vibrators that are a portable option for travel. The remote control vibrators for women are arousing for both partners, the one who has the vibrator in their pants and the one who is controlling the vibrations. It’s wise to decide on a vibrator by thinking about where you and your partner get the most pleasure, for example, if you know you orgasm from your clitoris you can specifically go for a clitoris vibrator.

You2Toys Anal Sex Toys

If you are looking for anal toys from You2Toys, you might have a hard time deciding on the best one for you as there are so many. If you end up buying any anal toys, be sure to invest in some anal lubricant for smooth insertion and long-lasting hours of fun.

You2Toys FAQs

It’s easy to get excited and start buying lots of new sex toys when you find brands like You2Toys that have everything you need for bedroom fun, but don’t forget to buy a cleaning product for your toys. Most sex toys can be washed with soap and hot water, but we recommend investing in a sex toy cleaner as well, especially if you regularly use sex toys. It’s essential to limit the spread of any bacteria.