Wicked Sensual Care

Wicked Sensual Care

At Mega Pleasure, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with some of the best sex toy brands. If you are looking to spice up your sex life with something new, why not introduce a lubricant? Whether you often masturbate alone or get intimate with a partner, there is always a time for lubricant. For those who have already tried out lubes, you might have a favourite, but we recommend Wicked Sensual Care for their selection of intimate lubricants, and gels. If you spend over £30 on our Mega Pleasure online sex shop you will qualify for free delivery. All orders are discreetly wrapped in case you are surprising someone or hiding your order from housemates.

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Wicked Aqua Fragrance Free Water Based Lube 120ml

Incredibly luxurious and silky smooth, this unique blend of spa quality ingredients, enriched with A..


Wicked Aqua Fragrance Free Waterbase Lubricant 60mls

Incredibly luxurious and silky smooth, this unique blend of spa quality ingredients, enriched with A..


Wicked Aqua Heat Waterbased Warming Lubricant 60mls

Aqua Heat lets you play with fire and not get burned. A unique blend of warming elements thrill your..


Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel Waterbased Lubricant 120mls

Take a big juicy bite! Kissable, Lickable and Delicious, Wicked AQUA Salted Caramel adds subtle natu..


Wicked Cleene Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner 120mls

Keep your toys safe and your intimate areas healthy with CLEENE Antibacterial Toy Cleaner. Enhanced ..


Wicked Foam N Fresh Toy Cleaner 240mls

Playtime can get dirty but your toys should always stay clean. Foam n Fresh is a healthier alternati..


Wicked Jelle Water Based Anal Lubricant Unscented 120mls

With decades of experience in pleasure, the creators of Wicked have thoughtfully crafted Jelle Anal ..


Wicked Sensitive Waterbased Lubricant 120mls

Indulge yourself and your most delicate areas with this incredibly smooth and satiny, hypoallergenic..


Wicked Toy Love Gel Waterbase Lubricant 100mls

Take your toy play to the next level with this cutting edge lube developed specifically for erotic t..


Wicked Ultra Heat Silicone Lubricant

The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is a completely vegan, cruelty free and PETA certified line of pe..


Who is Wicked Sensual Care?

Wicked Sensual Care is a luxury brand focused on inspiring sexuality and intimate relationships, they won an AVN Award in both 2014 and 2018 and have been named the Best Lubricant Manufacturer. They aim to provide more enhanced sexual experiences while keeping wellness and health in mind. All their products are vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free and not to forget long-lasting. This means you won’t need to use too much lubricant during play, therefore the lube will last longer than other brands' products. 

Whether you’re into solo masturbation with sex toys or getting down and dirty with a partner, Wicked Sensual Care will have you covered in any seductive situation. Enhance your sex life with their award-winning formulas and clean ingredients. Their products can be enjoyed by both men and women, straight or gay. At Mega Pleasure, we focus on detail and we like the natural extracts included in Wicked Sensual Care’s lubricants, particularly olive leaf and aloe vera. You will be pleased to know, their products are water-based so they’re both body-safe and they won’t damage your sex toys either. The 100% pure premium silicone ensures a smooth glide and top-notch comfort. Improve your sex life today by investing in some of their lubricants.

Wicked Sensual Care Lubricants

Wicked Sensual Care Products are known for their sex lubricants and anal lubricants, so you can’t miss out on this brand. Whether you’re looking for warming lubricants to get intimate or a flavoured lube specifically for oral sex, they have you covered. Explore Wicked Sensual Care’s variety of flavours, one of our favourites is salted caramel! Their light and silky lubricants will keep you wanting more and more. Experience sensations like never before with Wicked Sensual Care lubricants.

Wicked Sensual Care Sex Toy Cleaner

When it comes down to cleaning your sex toys, this can even more important if you’re using lubricant as they will be extra dirty. Find our range of sex toy cleaning products at Mega Pleasure, and go for a Wicked Sensual Care sex toy cleaner if you want a foaming option to wash away all the dirt. Sometimes it’s healthier to use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner rather than soap and warm water as it will be sure to get rid of any germs. Make sure you use cleaner after every use and before using your sex toys too. The Wicked Sensual Care cleaning products are suitable to use on any sex toys, no matter what material they are made from.

Wicked Sensual Care FAQs

It’s essential to use lubricant for anal intercourse, but it’s commonly used during any kind of intercourse. Lubricants make your experiences in the bedroom more exciting and arousing, especially if you go for flavoured lubricants or warming products. Using lubrication can also prevent any damage and keep you smooth and ready for insertion.