Tongue Joy

Tongue Joy

With many of their products focusing on oral pleasure, the product range from Tongue Joy will deliver wild sensations you may never have experienced before. Easy to get started with, this range from our online sex shop will get tongues wagging and leave your partner trembling. Browse the Tongue Joy range below and buy online for discreet delivery. 

Tongue Joy Sex Toys

Being able to master oral satisfaction is necessary for many men and women, helping you leave your lover squirming with delight. If you are looking to find new ways to do so, Tongue Joy are a brand with innovative ways to enhance your oral skills. Whilst you may have not considered a tongue vibrator before, you’ll soon wonder how you went without, especially if you are someone with a tongue piercing. Simply swap your existing tongue bar with this product, and you’ll be feeling sensations directly in your mouth that you can help another to experience, wherever their body pleases.

If you aren’t someone with a tongue piercing, this doesn’t mean the Tongue Joy range isn’t for you. The brand also provides other ways to help stimulate the senses too with love eggs and couples vibrators. Tongue joy are all about pleasure for your most intimate parts and not just from providing oral sex. You may want to explore vibrating cock rings or finger vibrators too that can be just as pleasurable for solo and couples play. Paired alongside the latest sex aids and lubricants, you can ensure hours of fun every time.

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At Mega Pleasure, the fun doesn’t stop, with an array of sex toys to try and use for hours. We have everything you could ever want alongside the range from Tongue Joy. From anal dildos to sex machines and much more, you’ll never want to experience sex without one of our products close to hand. You can browse our full range of products online as well as many other great items to help enhance your next session. Stock up on sex aids or fill your wardrobe with sexy underwear, the choice is yours.

Tongue Joy FAQs

Helping you to maximise oral pleasure, an oral vibrator from Tongue Joy is ideal for those with a tongue piercing. Swapping in place with your regular tongue bar or piercing, the surgical grade material is easily attached and will provide hours of tongue vibrations to pleasure your partner with. Some may require batteries whilst others can be recharged, but you will always get heightened sensations as a result.