Without lubricant, sexual intercourse just wouldn’t be as enjoyable, especially for those who like penetration in more than one place. At Mega Pleasure, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best brands for all of our products and Slube is one of our favourites for lubricants. You can find our large selection of lubricants and anal lubricants and pair them with your favourite sex toys. Spend over £30 on our online sex shop today to qualify for free delivery. All orders will be discreetly packed. 

Who is Slube?

Slube are a unique brand that claim to be ‘the cleanest way to get dirty’, they’re an erotic bathtub and play pool lubricant that can be used in water. They were voted Innovation of the Year 2016 at the prestigious Sexhibition Awards, so don’t miss out on their products! All of their lubricants are thick, slippery, sensual, and very seductive, ideal for playtime in the water. Slube has created a colourful lubricant that is scent-free. With their products you can lube up with your partner and get jiggy in the bathtub, the lubricants offer a silky-smooth sensation that will immerse you straight into a real life cocktail bath.

Slube’s amazing Slubricant can be used as both a lubricant to get down and dirty in the bath tub or a sexy massage gel. Your bathtub will never feel the same again! If you end up ordering any Slube lubricant products from Mega Pleasure, they will come with instructions for use, but it’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is fill up your bathtub with water, sprinkle the crystals and watch them morph into a gooey, colourful lubricant. Jump in and enjoy, when you’re finished simply add some more water to dilute the Slube and pull the plug out.

Slube Products

Making Slube extra special is the product flavours they have, some of our favourites are strawberry daiquiri, pina colada, black leather and gin mojito. If you have recently invested in a waterproof sex toy to use in the bathroom, Slube would be the ideal lubricant to use with it.

After Slube bathtime, your skin will feel soft and refreshed and you will most likely be feeling extra relaxed if you have just been getting frisky. Slube allows couples to slip and slide together without any underwater friction getting in the way. It can be used for slippery orgies, massages, body wrestling, and anything you fantasise about doing in the bathtub. Luckily, all Slube lubricants are dermatologically tested, vegan-friendly and non-toxic, so they are unlikely to cause any kind of irritation or reaction on your skin.

Slube FAQs

Slube isn’t really to be used in the shower, it needs to be diluted slightly in water and this will only be possible in the bathtub. However, if you don’t want to use it in the bathtub, you can use it in a pool. Anywhere the water can be drained away after use.