Size Matters

Size Matters

We all know Size Matters and this is why it’s one of our favourite brands at Mega Pleasure. Our online shop are proud to stock only the best and most renowned brands in the sex industry. The range of sex toys for women and sex toys for men this brand creates will open your eyes to a whole new world of pleasure. Spend over £30 on our online sex shop to qualify for free delivery. All orders are discreetly packed so you can keep them a secret, or surprise that special someone.

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Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump

Looking for a penis pump that delivers amazing and sizable results. The Deluxe Trigger Pump from Siz..


Deluxe Vibro Erection Assist Hollow Silicone Strap On

Realistically designed for use by men that seek a quality strap on penis. The Deluxe Vibro Erection ..


Max Twist Clit and Nipple Triple Sucker Set

Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of demurely sized suction cylinders. Just apply to any a..


Really Ample Penis Enhancer Brown

AMP UP your size and girth with this doubled up erection enhancer! Made of TPR material, so it is st..


Really Ample Penis Enhancer XL Flesh

This easy to use jumbo penis enhancer will give you a massive and instant boost in girth and length...


Really Ample Wide Penis Enhancer Sheath Flesh

This easy to use jumbo penis enhancer will give you a massive and instant boost in girth and length...


Size Matters 3 Inch Flesh Penis Enhancer Sleeve

Gain three inches of solid length and about an inch of girth with this penis enhancing sleeve! The f..


Size Matters 3 Inch Flesh Penis Extender Sleeve

Wrap the strap around your scrotum for more support, security, and sensitivity! Gain three inches of..


Size Matters Clear Penis Sleeve

Add girth and length to your penis with this easy to use sleeve. Will add 3 inches to your lenght an..


Size Matters Clear Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Add girth and length to your penis with this easy to use sleeve. It has a small bullet at the base f..


Size Matters Clit And Nipple Sucker Set

Experience powerful suction on your nipples and clitoris when you play with this easy to use sucker ..


Size Matters Cock And Ball Cylinder Clear 2.75 Inch

This durable cylinder is big enough to take your cock and balls, for maximum results and stimulation..


Size Matters Deluxe Penile Aid System

The Penile Aide increases both penis length and girth by using traction, from its spring loaded stee..


Size Matters Ease In Anal Dilator Kit

Train yourself up to the majors with this dilator kit. This kit allows you to start off small and at..


Size Matters Endurance Penis Ring Set

Increase your stamina and endurance with these 4 different sized stretch cock rings...


Size Matters Erection Assist Hollow Silicone Dildo Strap On

This erection enhancing strap on adds support and comfort for both partners. Realistically designed ..


Size Matters Hollow Silicone Dildo StrapOn

Strap-on and instantly enhance your member with this hollow dildo harness! This strap-on kit widens ..


Size Matters Nipple Boosters

The Size Matters Nipple Boosters can enlarge and stimulate your nipples. Suction and increased blood..


Size Matters Penile Aide

The Penile Aide increases both penis length and girth by using traction, from its spring loaded stee..


Size Matters Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger Pumps

Enlarge stimulate and enhance sensitivity to your nipples.Simply place on the nipples and squeeze th..


Who Are Size Matters?

The brand Size Matters focus on size literally mattering in the bedroom, they create products that mainly enhance different sensitive parts of the male and female body. They enable you to focus on your erogenous zones and push them to their limits. The male sex toys focus on enhancing penis size and the female products work on sensations in the clitoris and nipples.

Size Matters says their toys focus on pumping to enlarge, stimulate and enhance. For those who want to play around with enlarging nipples or a penis, this brand have toys that will stimulate, intensify climax, increase your libido, easily, make you aroused, increase sensitivity, and generally improve your sex life. The amazing reviews speak for themselves.

Size Matters sex products will enable you to explore the world of limitless pleasure. Their sex toys cater for both men and women who want to masturbate alone and also couples who want to experiment with new sex toys together. You can enjoy finding different ways to reach your peak with or without a playmate.

Size Matters Male Products

Size Matters sex products for men are designed to develop and extend penis size to make penetration for both partners unforgettable. Whether you’re a male looking for a masturbation pump to use solo or a penis extender to surprise your partner, Size Matters has you covered.

Size Matters Female Products

The female products at Size Matters are pussy pumps & clit suckers, nipple suckers & breast enlargement and nipple pumps for sex. Depending on which products you decide to order, you will feel new arousal levels like never before, especially if you’re a beginner. You know which area of your body gives you the most satisfaction, so consider this when selecting the right Size Matters product to add to your shopping basket.

Size Matters Couples Pleasure

Straps ons are commonly used among gay couples to gain more pleasure and reach a satisfying climax, they are most commonly used among lesbian playmates. Our selection of lesbian sex toys features strap ons and many other female toys to explore in pairs. Size matters have a selection of strap on dildos and face and thigh strap on dildos for those who want to get experimental and take intimacy to another level. For straight couples, stretchy cock rings are another way to introduce more pleasure into the bedroom and provide hours of kinky fun.

Size Matters FAQs

Most sex toys can be washed with hot water and soap, before and after use. If you regularly use sex toys, you can go for one of our sex toy cleaners. It’s crucial to keep your sex toys clean so you don’t spread bacteria and risk infection.