Silent Vibrators

Silent Vibrators

Getting intimate can be loud, especially if you want to get fully into your new toy and usually you won’t want anyone knowing. Whether you’re planning to reach your climax solo or with a partner, you can opt for a silent vibrator to keep it on the down-low. If you live with others and want to regularly play, you should get your hands on a silent egg vibrator or a silent clit vibrator. All our silent vibrator UK orders are packaged discreetly, so nobody will suspect you. Find other quiet sex toys to use from our online sex shop.

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Silencer Vibrator

Totaly silent vibrator - Silencer Pink Vibrator beautifully contoured for maximum pleasure and total..


Lelo Gigi 2 Turquoise Blue G Spot Vibrator

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The Best Silent Vibrators

The most silent vibrator of them all is the pink silencer vibrator that’s contoured for maximum pleasure. This ribbed 8-inches is best when used with lube to make it slide in gently. Optimise your experience with a tingling lube if you’re masturbating alone, or with someone else. Make the most of our free delivery option when you spend over £30, this isn’t difficult to spend if you are experimental and want to try out all sorts of new sex toys. Get your partner involved and find our range of sex games to excite and seduce both of you.

Another vibrator that is suitable for those who want silence is the pink silent rabbit vibrator with beads. This is one of the more expensive options, but you will not regret how this one makes you feel. Silent rabbit vibrators are ideal for anyone that wants to embrace their kinky side, and the pink rabbit, in particular, has 10 different functions, all doing the work for your clitoris. The unique setting on this toy along with the silky-smooth silicone will have you excited after minutes of opening the delivery box. The soft silicone is an added bonus and means the vibrator can withstand any wet substances, you can take it in the shower or bath with you for an earth-shattering orgasm.

Our favourite silent egg vibrator at Mega Pleasure is the smart dream clitoral and g-spot stimulator, this silent powerful vibrator comes with a remote control so someone else can be left in charge of your orgasms. Any silent remote vibrator will be alluring for most couples and those who are more daring can even use this one while they’re out for dinner, a silent touch vibrator will be tempting for the both of you. A silent remote vibrator can really get you hot under the collar while you're out and about either with or without your partner! 

Other Silent Vibrator Options

Some of our other favourites at Mega Pleasure are silent bullet vibrators and silent vibrating wands. The silent wand vibrator in pink is powered by a whisper-quiet motor, meaning you can use it anywhere you go and never get found out. The soothing vibrations will offer maximum orgasmic effect with minimal sound, the only thing you will need to keep quiet is yourself. 

Alternatives To Vibrators if You Don’t Want Any Vibrating

If a silent vibrator still seems a little risky for you, a nonsilent vibrating dildo might be a better option as you can avoid the vibrating sound that is the main source of the noise. Go for a realistic dildo or a double-ended dildo if you’re feeling especially naughty. Those who decide to use both ends of this type of dildo will likely need some anal lube for friction-free fun.

Silent Vibrator FAQs

It will be much more difficult to make a standard vibrator quieter, especially if it has lots of settings that are super fast. This is why it’s worth going for a silent vibrator to minimise any sound coming from the sex toy. If you can’t find a silent powerful vibrator that’s right for you, we have more quiet vibrator options that might suit what you’re looking for.

The only way to deal with a sex toy that’s too loud is to play music or the TV while you’re satisfying yourself, put a towel under your door so less noise will escape or take your toy to the shower if it’s waterproof. The shower will be more secretive than splashing around in a bath full of water, but remember to double-check your toy is a silent waterproof vibrator beforehand.