Make your anal adventures come true without the need of another person with our range of incredible real feel fleshjacks for male pleasure. Shop online now.Make your anal adventure dreams come true all by yourself with our range of incredible real feel fleshjacks for boys perfect for men who want to experience thrusting into the anus of a popular male adult star. The tight hole and ridged insert offer an authentic and sensational anal experience. Shop the best fleshjacks in the UK now in our online sex shop for discreet packaging and free delivery over £30.

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Boomer Banks Sonic Boom Fleshjack Boys Masturbator

Like our hugely successful Fleshlight Girls brand, each Fleshjack Boys masturbation sleeve is an exa..


Fleshjack Boys Allen King Dildo

Molded directly from pornstar Allen King, his signature dildo by Flashjack is produced with platinum..


Fleshjack Boys Allen King Masturbator

Molded directly from the newest Fleshjack star Allen King's actual body with our patented SuperSkin ..


Fleshjack Boys Levi Karter Masturbator

This young muscle stud is a dream come true! Levi Karter was born in Paraguay but raised in a small ..


Milan Christopher King Fleshjack Boys Masturbator

Milan Christopher’s Fleshjack features a tight opening with a swirl of ridges, followed by pleasure ..


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Mega Pleasure is a leading supplier of the best fleshjacks in the UK, the silicone used creates a real-feel experience that will leave you wanting more. The high-quality fleshjack toys are designed to give an authentic tight sensation just like thrusting into a real anus, the bumps, nubs and ridges are strategically placed to give you an oh-so incredible feeling that caresses your shaft. Choose from our full range of fleshjack mouths, fleshjack dildos and clear fleshjacks now.

The toe-curling sensations you will feel with our range of the best fleshjacks for boys will leave you utterly satisfied and without the need of another man. Submerge your fleshjack sex toy in some warm water before play with a generous amount of lube for a realistic and erotic experience. Buy fleshjacks now for your solo pleasure and be prepared for an incredible time, pair with butt plugs or prostate massagers for an elevated experience.

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Shop the best fleshjack dildos for an exact replica of your favourite male porn stars shafts. They are incredibly detailed and will leave you so intensely turned on and excited for what’s to come. Shop our fleshjack dildos now for the time of your life without the need of another person.

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Watch every detail as you thrust into your clear fleshjack sex toy. Made with super soft silicone to recreate realistic sensations, these toys will send you into a mind-blowing orgasm. Watch every thrust and every moment of the erotic act as you penetrate the clear fleshjacks. Perfect for those who love to watch.

Fleshjack FAQs

Fleshlights and fleshjack toys basically work the same, however, one is primarily targeted towards straight men, and one is targeted towards gay men.

Fleshlights are a male sex toy that replicates a woman’s vagina, usually designed to replicate the vagina of popular porn stars so that you can enjoy an erotic evening with your perfect woman.

Fleshjacks, on the other hand, are primarily targeted towards gay men. Fleshjacks for boys are sex toys for men that replicate the anus of famous male porn stars so that you can enjoy some incredible anal play with your ideal man. Both fleshlights and fleshjacks come in a range of different styles and include fleshlight and fleshjack mouths, anuses and more.