Realistic Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators

Keep it authentic with our realistic penis vibrator options that will stimulate you when masturbating solo or alongside a partner, sometimes you just want to have an extra penis to play with. Whether it’s size, shape or colour that keeps it real for you, we have you covered at Mega Pleasure. To qualify for free delivery on Mega Pleasure sex toys you will need to spend at least £30 on our online sex shop, this includes any of our realistic vibrators in the UK. Once you have placed your order, we will wrap it in discreet packaging and send it straight to your door.

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Dr Skin 9 Inch Cock Vibe Number 1

The doctor is in! Blush Novelties Dr Skin Vibe Number1 is a 9-inch realistic vibrator with veins and..


Dr. Skin Cock Vibe Vibrating Cock 8 Inches

The doctor is in! Blush Novelties Dr Skin Vibe 4 is an 8-inch realistic vibrator with clitoral nubs ..


Medical Silicone Pulsating Vibrator

Pulsating arousal!This realistic vibrator stands out with its extraordinarily intense pulsation and ..


Medical Silicone Thrusting Vibrator

Pulsating and rotating arousal!This realistic vibrator stands out with its extraordinarily intense r..


Power Cock 6 Inch Realistic Vibrator

If you need a little more at times here is the Powercock 6 Realistic Vibrator that will satisfy when..


Realistic Vibrator Black

Go from zero to Ohhhhh in record time and fulfil those cravings for mind-blowing vibrations, with th..


The Best Realistic Vibrators

The colour is usually the main feature that makes a vibrator look more realistic, and the most realistic vibrator we have at Mega Pleasure is the Dr Skin Cock measuring a satisfying 8 inches. For women or men that prefer a brown penis, the 6 inch Emperor Brown is sure to get you off. Another option is a realistic jelly vibrator that is more bendable than the real thing, our flexible waves of pleasure penis come in hot pink and will have you cumming in minutes if you know how to use it. A long 7-8 inches length means it comes under large realistic vibrators.

Colour doesn’t bother everyone, the texture might be more important to you. We offer veined big realistic vibrators that stimulate you inside, providing an extra realistic feeling vibrator option. The slim jelly dildo has a sturdy, veined shaft for easy, pleasurable insertion.

If you are looking for a realistic ripple vibrator, we have one you can take with you into the bath or shower, the Eden ripple g-spot vibrator is waterproof and has a luxurious smooth feel to it. A realistic ripple vibrator can open up a whole world of excitement. If inside penetration is your thing, a realistic rabbit vibrator might also be a suitable choice. Go for the toy joy bunny that will have you screaming in minutes. The veins and contours around the head make it super authentic and almost as good as the real thing, if not, better.

Alternatives To Realistic Vibrators

Well, of course a real penis is an alternative to a realistic vibrator, but when it comes to sex toys there are a range of our products that are bright and colourful, unlike a real penis. If you’d prefer to use different shapes, colours and sizes for your sexual satisfaction, it doesn’t always have to be a toy representing a phallus so obviously. The gold hands-free suction toy will stimulate your clitoris like never before, although it looks nothing like a penis. Finding what you like sexually is all about exploring different shapes, sizes and toys to see what gets you off.

Keeping the size and shape realistic is a must for many, but if you’re open-minded when it comes to colours and vibrations, our bullet sleeve set can help you find exactly what turns you on. This set will keep you entertained for months and gives you more than one new toy to play with. The included toys are suitable for both anal and vaginal play.

Realistic Vibrators FAQs

If you want a very realistic vibrator or dildo in terms of colour and size, you have enough options at Mega Pleasure. For those wondering, the average erect penis size is 4.7 - 6.3 inches in the UK. Some of our toys are shorter or longer than this, enabling you to explore with size and penetration. Try out some lubricant if you do want to brave the bigger sizes or some of our double penetration sex toys.