Helping to heighten the sensation when pleasuring yourself or another, the Tenga egg is a must-have sex toy for men that will hit the spot every time. Available in a range of styles and textures, you’ll be able to experiment with each one to find your favourite. Browse the best Tenga egg types below and buy online for discreet delivery. Get free delivery on orders over £30, so find a few you like the look of! 

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Tenga Cloudy Egg Masturbator

The TENGA EGG Cloudy is the thickest of the range and tantalises every inch of you with swirling clo..


Tenga Keith Haring Dance Egg Masturbator

Special Edition Tenga x Keith Haring Eggs serve to bring sexual health and wellness to the forefront..


Tenga Keith Haring Party Egg Masturbator

Special Edition Tenga x Keith Haring Eggs serve to bring sexual health and wellness to the forefront..


Tenga Shiny Egg Masturbator

A rising Sun in the center awakens any slow riser, while radiating ribs stimulate around your shaft ..


Tenga Silky Egg Masturbator

NEW! Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your Best Orgasm Ever! These littl..


What are Tenga Eggs?

Once you have tried a Tenga egg sex toy for the first time, you may never go back to pleasuring without one, such is the enhanced experience you’ll receive. Whether you want to up your solo masturbation game or help a partner provide better, more satisfying handjobs, you’ll find no complaints with the Tenga egg UK range of products. Whilst on the surface in their packaging they look more look an anal sex toy or the similarly named love eggs, rather than inserting into your anus or vagina, the Tenga egg toy opens up to reveal the pleasure within.

The hard, egg-shaped case is just for storage, with the Tenga egg masturbator inside soft and contains an entry hole to put your or their penis. The inside of the toy has many different textures, bumps, and ridges to help provide different sensations and also comes with its own lubricant to use. It’s then a case of squirting the lube inside and positioning the Tenga egg toy over the end of the penis, with it stretching and snugly fitting no matter your size. You’ll then be able to stroke up and down until an explosive climax; who doesn’t like the sound of that? Buy the best TENGA eggs online today. 

Buy Tenga Eggs Online & More

Each Tenga egg type has a unique name which refers to the different design of the inside of the egg, from Wavy to Spider and Twister, there are many to choose from. If you struggle to pick just one, you can choose from a variety pack of 6 and try them all, promising to provide different sensations each time. The toy is easy to hold and soft to touch, making it effortless for you or a partner to get off. You’ll then be able to decide the best Tenga egg from your own experience and gift to others! At Mega Pleasure, we have many different sex toys for both men and women ready to go for quick delivery, as well as many lubes and sex aids to help heighten the moment. Have any questions? Please get in touch with the team today and we’ll be happy to help.

Tenga Eggs FAQs

It’s simple to get started when you buy a Tenga egg; just open the outer egg casing and remove the fleshy and soft inner toy. It will also include lube to pour into the hollow centre of the toy before using. Then all you need to do is place the Tenga egg masturbator over the top of the penis and insert, ready to then be stroked up and down and as fast or slow as you want.