Fleshlight Accessories

Fleshlight Accessories

Fleshlight accessories are available to help you keep up the health of your fleshlight so that you can continue to play with your sex toy time and time again. Shop the full range of fleshlight accessories now in our online sex shop and get free delivery over £30 with discreet packaging.

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Fleshlight Renew Powder

If you want to keep the realistic feeling of Superskin inside your Fleshlight, you need to make sure..


Fleshlight Wash 100ml

Fleshlight Wash cleanser for toys is a necessity for any Fleshlight owner. This cleanser in a 100 ml..


Fleshlight Waterbased Fleshlube 100ml

Fleshlube Water based lubricant designed to promote the bodies nautral moisture levels. Its silky te..


Fleshlight Shower Mount

Secure your fleshlight to any shiny surfance whether it is tiled wall or flooring...


Fleshlube Fire Warming Lubricant 100ml

This premium hot effect water-based lubricant is manufactured from the highest quality medical grade..


Fleshlube Ice Cooling Lubricant 100ml

This premium ice effect water-based lubricant is manufactured from the highest quality medical grade..


Shop Fleshlight Accessories Online

Fleshlights are incredibly popular male sex toys that give realistic sensations just like when having sex with a real vagina or anus. The flashlight shape of the toy means that they can be discreetly hidden away in your bedroom drawer or in your bag without raising suspicion. The textured inserts make for an irresistible sensation that feels just like (or even better than) the real thing. You can choose from a range of different openings to suit your desires from vaginas and anuses modelled after your favourite porn stars to luscious lips that feel like real blow jobs. When paired with plenty of water-based lube, your male masturbation toy can give you earth shattering orgasms.

Make sure you’re stocked up on accessories for your fleshlight at Mega Pleasure so that you can continue to practice safe and healthy sex with your favourite toy. Clean your toy before and after every use to maintain the sanitariness of the toy and to avoid irritation. Otherwise choose a fleshlight accessory that can enhance your experience and allow you to explore different sensations, positions or rhythms. Masturbating with the same products over and over is bound to get a bit boring, but with our range of accessories for fleshlights, you can find a great way to upgrade your toy and help you reach the ultimate climax. Shop the full range of fleshlight and sex toy accessories at Mega Pleasure now to broaden your pleasure horizon.

Fleshlight Accessory Products for Cleaning

Our range of fleshlight accessories includes specially formulated washes that will maintain the quality of the real-feel silicone whilst ensuring no harmful bacteria builds up and causes infections. Washes for your fleshlight are an important part of your sexual health as it cleans and purifies the surface of the toy to fight bacteria and keep your fleshlight clean and hygienic. It’s recommended for cleaning all fleshlight products and you can even use on your other sex toys. It’s skin safe so won’t irritate and is safe to use with latex.

Maintain the super realistic feel of the Superskin material inside your fleshlight with renew powder accessories for fleshlights. You need to make sure you maintain the quality and real feel of the silicone within your fleshlight to ensure you get the same quality masturbation session. The use of renew powder can help you restore your fleshlight back to its former self after washing and enhance the super realistic feeling – the powder even naturally wears away! Shop the fleshlight accessories responsible for keeping your fleshlight in tip top condition now.

Enhance Your Play with Fleshlight Accessories

There’s always an opportunity to broaden your sex toy use, even if it’s with one of your current sex toys! By adding certain accessories to your fleshlight, you can enhance your experience endless amounts. Shower mounts are a great way you can boost your pleasure and allow you to explore different positions. Simply stick your mount to any flat, shiny surface (like tiled walls or flooring) and experience the sensations of stand-up shower sex without a partner!

Warm up your fleshlight with a warmer that adds a whole new layer of pleasure. The warm sensations of your fleshlight after using the warming rod feel incredibly realistic to the body temperature of a real vagina meaning you can experience realistic sex-like masturbation with ease. Simply close your eyes or watch your favourite porn video and let your mind drift off into the fantasy. Shop the full range of fleshlight accessories to enhance your masturbation experiences now and checkout our range of hands-free masturbators too.

Fleshlight Accessories FAQs

Fleshlight accessories not only enhance the experience and increase pleasure, but they can also help to maintain the cleanliness and quality of your sex toy. Fleshlight washes and renew powder help to rid your toy of any unwanted bacteria before and after use and then restore the skin-like texture of the material so that the quality of your masturbation sessions never diminishes.