Sex Toy Accessories

Sex Toy Accessories

If you are looking to buy a gift or treat yourself, sex toy accessories are ideal for those who regularly use toys in the bedroom or even those who don’t. Whether you want to get aroused with bondage, cosplay, or just add some extras into your sex life, you won’t be stuck for choice at Mega Pleasure. Spend over £30 on our online sex shop to qualify for free delivery. All orders will be discreetly wrapped, ideal for surprises or hiding presents. 

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Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape Pink

Put your lover in a sticky situation with this nonsticky bondage tape. This shiny PVC tape only stic..


Bad Kitty Black Plush Handcuffs

Metal handcuffs covered with soft black plush polyester. Safety cuffs, opens with a key or with a cl..


Bijoux Indiscrets Za Za Zu Maribou Feather Handcuffs

Trap your lover in the softness of our handcuffs. Marabu feather handcuffs for the most playfull of..


Blaze Luxury Fetish Blindfold Black

This mask or blindfold has a shiny black Croco leather-look design. It is lined with soft yet durabl..


Blaze Luxury Fetish Hand Cuffs Black

A pair of stylish handcuffs made of sleek and shiny black material with a Croco leather design. They..


Blind Love Black Eye Mask

Experience a new sensual stimulation with the black blindfold. Polyester...


Bondage Tape Black

Bondage Tape is 2 inches wide, it bonds, it gags, it blindfolds, and it even mummifies and ties usin..


Bondage Tape Red

Bondage Tape is 2 inches wide, it bonds, it gags, it blindfolds, and it even mummifies and ties usin..


Cushioned Blindfold

Genuine leather cushioned blindfold, adjustable with buckle...


Deluxe Leather Suspension Handcuffs

Deluxe Handcuffs leather suspension and 2 carabiners High-quality leather..


Eroflame Metal Handcuffs

Great stainless steel handcuffs, your partner will be well and truely locked up...


Furry Metal Handcuffs Black

Looking for a gentle way into exploring your kinky side? Look no further, this fun, furry handcuffs ..


Leather Blindfold

Genuine leather blindfold, adjustable with buckles...


Leather Blindfold Mask

Blindfold decorated with rivets, adjustable with buckle...


Ouch Introductory Bondage Kit 3

Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect sta..


Ouch Introductory Purple Bondage Kit 1

Have you fantasized about a sexy game of submission and dominance? Then this will be the perfect sta..


Pink Gloss Bondage Tape

Have lots of fun with our bondage tape. Our Bondage Tape is the most exciting product for the fetish..


Rouge Garments Blindfold Red

Leather blindfold with elasticated strap for all size fit...


The Best Sex Toys and Accessories

If you have been with your partner for a while or you want to impress someone new, our range of accessories will be exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a fetish or not, you can try out new accessories to decorate your body or face during sex. Masks are a popular option when it comes to getting naughty, stay recognisable with a thin lace mask or disguise yourself in something like our kitty cat mask. Masks can be pulled off at any time but some playmates like to keep them on until they have both climaxed.

Another commonly used accessory is a blindfold, usually worn by the more submissive playmate so the dominating one can have full control. Being blindfolded is a massive turn-on for many as they don’t know what to expect. Our range of blindfolds is usually made from either silk or leather.

Sex Toy Accessories To Use In Cosplay

Cosplay is the perfect time to use accessories and some sexy outfits include accessories. But if you want some extra props to make your night super kinky, you can find accessories to match your costumes. For example, if you are dressing up as a policeman or woman you can go for some handcuffs, a hat, or a cheeky spanking paddle if you’re feeling naughty. You can also find some of your own accessories at home, for example, if you’re dressing up as a nurse, you can pretend to be serving your partner or playmate something arousing. Get creative in your surroundings!

Cosplay is all about dressing up together and the more accessories and props you use, the more realistic the roleplay will get. Even if you don’t dress up for one another regularly, it’s exciting and arousing to go all out when you do.

Bondage Accessories

If either of you have a fetish, you can really play on it with sex toy accessories. Those that are into bondage won’t have trouble finding accessories. If you like to really get into your opposing dominant and submissive roles, you can find our bondage collar, tape, nipple clamps and a huge range of bondage accessories on our website. These can be used during cosplay, bondage, or any type of sexual intercourse you enjoy. If you’re a bondage beginner and you want to invest in a few different accessories, our bondage kits will be ideal for you.

Sex Toy Accessories FAQs

There is always something extra you can introduce to your sex life to keep things erotic and accessories are one of them. Finding out what your partner or playmate likes in the bedroom will enable you both to enjoy sex more and likely be more sexually fulfilled.