Blow-up Sex Dolls

Blow-up Sex Dolls

For a naughty night exploring your blow-up doll fetish or for the ultimate novelty gift, Megapleasure offers a great collection of blow-up sex dolls, perfect for every occasion! Blow-up dolls let you enjoy your favourite celebrities with a twist or kinky characters that will turn you on. If you’re on the hunt for something cheeky, naughty, then explore our range for a memorable night. 

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Dishy Dyanne Magna Love Doll

For Hentai at home!Life-size sex doll with a printed on Manga face. With breasts and 2 pleasure hole..


India Nubian Love Doll

Let me fulfill your fantasies with my tight round ass firm ripe breasts and my beautiful life like f..


Romping Rosy Sex Doll

Romping Rosy is without doubt the smallest inflatable doll you will ever see, she is only a knee tou..


Tessa The Cum Swallowing Love Doll

A blonde to fall in love with!Sex doll in the missionary position with bent arms. She has a wonderfu..


Alecia 3 Hole Sex Doll

Don't be left to use your hand when feeling sexy, make use of Alecia a superbly crafted life-size in..


Amber Inflatable Life Size Love Doll

This inflatable sex doll is a life size brunette and comes to you in the sitting position ready for ..


Brandy Big Boobed Sex Doll

Guaranteed to get ya randy. Its Brandy the newest addition to our inflatable harem. She is a Big Boo..


Lexi Tyler Life Size Doll Extravaganza

Lexi Tyler Love Doll with Molded Head Hands and Feet. The Lexi Tyler love doll is a curvy companion ..


Madlin Moon Life Size Love Doll Extravaganza

Madlin Moon Love Doll with Molded Head Hands and Feet. The Madlin Moon love doll just loves to deliv..


Maggie Inflatable Love Doll

Have fun with 3 tempting holes, mouth, vagina and anus. Features large breasts with erect nipples an..


Why Would You Want a Blow-Up Sex Doll?

Blow-up sex dolls are usually designed for the company of on person. A blow-up love doll offers a more lifelike full-size blow-up doll to please your need for sexual intimacy and masturbation.

A classic blow-up doll can also boast long luscious locks, facial features, and life-like squeezable boobs to satisfy all your wildest fantasies. You can get creative by buying a blow-up doll costume dressing up your blow-up sex doll in different outfits and wigs, meaning your dreams of making out with an air steward, a nurse, a firefighter, or teacher can come true. You can browse our range of fetish role play costumes and sexy dresses to let the fun begin.

Blow-up Doll Sex: Ideas

Blow-up dolls vary in size, shape, gender, and features accustomed to your taste and preferences. For example, a female blow-up doll could be designed exclusively for blowjob stimulation, while others have genitalia and an ass for additional for sexual penetration. A blow-up sex doll can come posed in different sex positions such as missionary or bent over for dual penetration to encourage pleasurable blow-up doll sex. Some are in a sitting position so you can lie on your back while enjoying them. A female blow-up doll often takes on full human form to provide you with a realistic experience, some even have breasts and nipples. All these features are an absolute turn on for anyone with a blow-up doll fetish.

Male blow-up dolls are blow-up male sex dolls designed for both men and women. Most blow-up dolls for women come with an infinitely erect penis that’s always ready to go so you can climb aboard and have some fun. Depending on one’s sexuality, men will also enjoy a blow-up male sex doll. Blow-up man dolls can also have removable dildos in case you prefer some handheld fun. Whatever your sexuality, a blow-up love doll can take masturbation to a whole new level.

Blow-up Sex Dolls UK: Blow-up Doll Fetish & Sex

A blow-up doll fetish officially falls under inflatophilia – an extremely prominent sexual fetish where an individual is aroused by or sexually interested in inflatable objects. There are many who see blow-up sex dolls as a practical joke, but for others they are extremely satisfying sex toys that take masturbation and self-pleasure to a new level.

The main benefit of having a blow-up sex doll is that they are always ready for sex of any kind, whether you prefer oral, vaginal, or anal. A classic blow-up doll will feature open mouths for oral and other openings for penetrative sex. A blow-up sex doll female can be even more sexually arousing with hair, eyelashes, and boobs. The more realistic silicone blow-up sex dolls are more expensive but offer a more authentic experience with skin-like textures. The world of adult blow-up dolls, whether female or male blow-up dolls, has come a long way and there is something everyone to enjoy.

What Are the Different Types of Blow-Up Sex Dolls?

At Megapleasure, we have a variety of blow-up sex dolls to suit your needs. From the more classic blow-up dolls to realistic full-size blow-up dolls. Whatever your preference is, we have something for everyone. The type of doll you choose comes down to your personal preference and budget.

Realistic silicone blow-up sex dolls and inflatable blow-up sex dolls have penetrable openings that mimic the textures and sensation of a real vagina and anus. Others also feature a mouth with a tongue so you can French kiss all night long. To make things even more fun, some models come with vibrating functions to give your experience a bit of a buzz.

Inflatable Blow-Up Sex Dolls

Light, easy, and practical to store; needless to say, sexy and inviting, an inflatable blow-up sex doll is the perfect option for beginners. They are sexy blow-up dolls that offer all the realistic features with a more affordable price tag than realistic silicone blow-up dolls. With a full size blow-up doll, you can still enjoy the lifelike features, and even introduce vibrators and love eggs to make things more fun.

Realistic Silicone Blow-up Dolls

Despite super realistic sex dolls being pricier given their luxurious and high-end specs, you do get what you pay for when it comes to sexy realistic sex dolls. While realistic inflatable sex dolls are great for beginners, the high-end realistic sex dolls have a lot more to give.

Unlike inflatables, sexy realistic sex dolls are made from skin-like materials with finishing touches like hair, eye lashes and tongues, providing you with a complete experience. Top brands offer openings which are textured and designed to maximise pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of blow-up sex dolls in the UK market. With many blow-up dolls for sale, you can find something to suit your preference. You can browse for blow-up love dolls online, whatever your taste.