Other Dildos

Other Dildos

If you can’t find the dildo you’re looking for in our other categories, check out all other dildos right here! We stock a huge range of delightful dildos to satisfy your every need, whether you want a fisting dildo, an extra thick dildo, or a dildo shaped like a turd, we’re sure to have something to get you off. Shop our huge range of other dildos in our online sex shop now for discreet packaging and free delivery over £30.

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American Bombshell Ballistic 10 Inch Dildo

For those seeking serious action, the Ballistic packs wallop at 10 inches of heavily ribbed shaft wi..


Analconda King Cobra Spitting Dildo

The King Cobra Spitting long dildo is a sex toy offered on the gay shop in the Analconda range.It is..


Analconda Snake Cone Dildo

The Snake Cone dildo from the Analconda range is a sex toy consisting of a progressive shape with an..


Analconda Snake Pearl Dildo

The Snake Pearl dildo from the Analconda range is an incredible sex toy designed with an imposing sh..


Analconda Squamata Spitting Dildo

The Squamata Spitting dildo is a sex toy from the Analconda range designed with a bulky shape. The l..


Animhole Bull Dildo

The Bull dildo from the Animhole range is a 25cm insertable length dildo with a width ranging from 4..


Animhole Djumbo Dildo

The Djumbodildo is a dildo from the Animhole range composed of an insertable length of 18cm and a wi..


Animhole Dung Butt Plug

The Dung plug is a toy from the Animhole range composed of an insertable length of 11cm and a width ..


Animhole German Doggy Dildo

The German Doggy dildo from the Animhole range is a 25cm insertable length dildo with a width rangin..


Animhole Pangolin Dildo

The Pangolin dildo from the Animhole range is a 24cm insertable length and 5.4cm wide sex toy. It i..


Animhole Unicorn Didlo

The Unicorn dildo from the Animhole range is a 19cm insertable length and 5cm wide sex toy. It is c..


Animhole Wallaby Dildo

The Wallaby dildo from the Animhole range is a dildo with a 29cm insertable length and 7cm in width ..


Animhole Wolf Dildo

The Wolf dildo from the Animhole range is a 21cm insertable length dildo with a maximum width of 10...


Animhole Zebra Dildo

The Zebra dildo is a dildo from the Animhole range made up of an astonishing form of 35cm insertable..


Belladonnas Bitch Fist Realistic Dildo

Shes the kinkiest girl in porn. And when she makes a fist, she knows exactly where its going. Get as..


Big Stuff 11 Inch Realistic Dildo With Balls

Indulge your fantasies in taking a very large penis with this superbly crafted 11 inches long realis..


Blackdicky Tim And Rod Double Dildo

The Tim and Rod dildo is a 16cm long insertable double dildo. It has 2 widths one in the profile of ..


Dodger Army Boot Dildo

The Boot dildo from Dodger Army consists of a 26cm insertable dildo part with a progressive width of..


Fist Impact Footx Dildo

The Footx dildo from the Fist Impact range is a sex toy made up of two parts.The foot measuring 24cm..


Other Dildos for Your Deepest Fantasies

If you have a specific fetish or fantasy that you want to recreate, shop our range of other dildos for a special treat. Ever wondered what it feels like to be penetrated by a horse or a dog’s penis? You can find out with our range of other dildos in some surprising yet erotic shapes and sizes. Treat yourself to a whole new world of pleasure with our kinky other dildos.

Feel the girth of extra thick dildos or double dildos for even more intense and filling sensations. Pair our other dildos with vibrators or butt plugs to turn up the heat and create an incredible experience.

Other Dildos for Fisting

Enjoy the sweet satisfaction of being fisted even when you’re all alone with our range of fisting dildos. Our realistic fisting dildos look exactly like a hand curled up in a fist. The silicone material looks and feels like real skin and is a wonderfully pleasing addition to your good drawer. Use when alone for some fisting fun or use during sex with your partner for some fun experimentation and double penetration.

Other Dildos FAQs

Dildos are an entirely personal choice and have been popular for personal pleasure for thousands of years. Today, dildos come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure you get your rocks off just the way you like it. For those just starting with dildos, we recommend a simple and slimline dildo to master what you like and how you like it. Once you’ve figured out what you like, you can move onto other options such as vibrating dildos, realistic dildos and even other dildos that include animal penis replicas and fantasy monster penis replicas. Shop our full collection of other dildos to fulfil your fantasy.