Black Dildos

Black Dildos

Buying a big black dildo in the UK can change your sex life, whether you’re using it alone or with your partner. Our range of large black dildos starts from 7 inches, and it only gets bigger from there. It’s an ideal option for those who want to masturbate alone or with their partners. If extra stimulation is what you’re looking for, our range of thick dildos will have you screaming with pleasure in no time. Keep your toys clean with our special cleaning products that should be used every time you’ve finished.

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Accommodator Dual Penetrator Black Dildo

This is the ultimate dual penetrator. It is a slim, sturdy, life like dong with a dual support syste..


Dick Rambone Gigantic Black Dildo

Doc Johnson's Dick Rambone Cock is an enormous dong that will never leave you wanting more. Molded f..


Hoodlum 8.5 Inch Realistic Black Dildo

These bad boys will really take you to the wrong side of the tracks. Three very realistic looking do..


Strap On Black Dildo

Black buckle on set of four pieces for HER and HIM or HER and HER. Enjoy the refined role games and ..


The Best Big Black Dildo For You

When it comes to finding the right size, you shouldn’t go for the biggest if you’re a beginner, unless you really want an enormous black dildo. Our long black guy dildo range starts at a more than average size and is a good place to start, the 7-inch black dildos are one of our customer favourites. You can combine this dildo with other sex toys on our website.

The best idea is to try out as many toys as possible so you can decide on the right ones for you. Treat yourself or ask your partner for a gift if you want to test something new together, a large black man dildo or big black dildo can be an exciting option. Although, masturbating alone can be just as fun if you are often in the mood.

The Bigger The Better

Some believe the bigger the better, and if you’re going for anything under 18 inches you should pair it with some lubricant of your choice. If a big black dildo is what you’re aiming for, this huge black dildo will be your new best friend.

If you are feeling extra experimental and want to try something new, you can go for a face and mouth gag dildo, ideal for getting up close and personal. The strap is stretchy and will fit over your mouth and chin, it can be used to gag you while maximising pleasure for your partner. If you want to get more involved, you can leave your tongue out to provide extra pleasure.

For some, one penis isn’t enough and this is why we offer a range of black dildos that measures approximately 9 inches. We want everyone to buy a black dildo and try one out. There is no other way to satisfy your 2 in 1 fantasy than a giant black dildo sculpted from lifelike cocks to make it extra realistic. A flexible option to maximise stimulation that will make you orgasm like never before. If you are using it on your own, the powerful suction cup means you can place it on any flat surface and it will stay still.

Black Dildo FAQs

There are specific dildos that will make you cum and a black penis dildo is without a doubt one of them if you use it properly. To squirt you will need to make sure the dildo is the right length to stimulate your G-spot, and this shouldn’t be a problem with a long black dildo. The main selling point of a black squirting dildo is the length. This will of course depend on the person and how well you know how to use the dildo. Sometimes squirting takes practice and it can be fun to learn with your sex partner if you have one.