Anal Douches & Enemas

Anal Douches & Enemas

Stay clean and fresh by anal douching, keeping the rectum and colon free of any nasties before sexual activity so you can enjoy a steamy session without the worry of a mishap. Anal douches and enemas are slightly different cleaning techniques which you can choose from, both allowing you to delve into your sexual activity confident that any unwanted faecal matter has been removed. Being perfect prior to using any of the anal sex toys from our online sex shop, find everything you need in one central place and get free home delivery on all orders over £30.

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Anal Douche

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Clean Stream Water Bottle Cleansing Kit

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Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit

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Freshen Up By Anal Douching

To put it simply, an anal douche enema is performed by filling your anal douche device with warm water and administering it into the rectum to flush out any faecal matter before you get down and dirty for a night of passion. Whether that's for full penetration, oral sex or even anal fingering with or without devices such as anal probesbutt plugs or anal beads, anal douching and enemas are a good option to keep your sex as hygienic as possible. 

The classic anal douching method consists of a bulb which holds the water that is connected to a nozzle which is inserted into the anal passage. This type of enema for anal sex is the most simple and convenient, being suitable for the shower or above the toilet so you can quickly freshen up before getting into the good stuff.

For a more advanced anal douche UK, opt for an anal douche attachment which connects to your shower for a more thorough clean. With the more powerful water pressure, achieve a deeper clean so you can reach higher up the anal passage than you would be able to with a traditional anal douche for men. This method should only be used by people who are experienced with anal douching, requiring a cautious approach as too much intensity may cause internal damage.

If you’re looking to try an enema for anal sex, anal douche enemas mean you can find a solution that offers more control than an anal douche bulb but requires less hassle than a shower anal douche attachment. The bottle fills up and the syringe style pump means you can clean out your insides by using the flexible tube for maximum precision.

How to Use Anal Douches and Enemas

Although it may look like an intimidating process if you are new to anal douching, follow our simple steps to ensure you’re using your anal douche or enema correctly for best results. We recommend using your enema for anal sex at least an hour before you plan on getting intimate and maintain a healthy diet to keep healthy bowel movements and prevent a build up.

  • Whether you are filling the bottle on your anal douche enema or setting the temperature of water on the shower for your anal douche UK, make sure you get the right temperature to avoid causing internal damage. Cold water is safe to use but may create an uncomfortable sensation whereas water too hot can damage the sensitive skin inside your rectal area.
  • Insert the anal douche or enema gently into the anus by standing in a squatting position and slowly inserting the nozzle. If you feel discomfort, feel free to use some lube with your anal douche for men, but note that the process should not be painful so stop if you are experiencing pain.
  • Once the enema for anal sex has been inserted, slowly squeeze the bulb to release the water, gradually releasing the water until it has been emptied. Once empty, try to clutch your muscles for up to a minute to enhance the cleaning process.
  • When you feel like you have to release the water, sit above the toilet bowl and push out the water. Repeat this process until the water is being flushed out clear.


When you try using an anal douches and enemas for the first time, it may be an unusual sensation but your body will quickly adapt to the anal douche UK. With the skin around your anus being incredibly delicate, be very slow and careful with your movements to avoid causing damage.