Sex Toy Batteries

Sex Toy Batteries

If you want the most stimulating sex toys we offer, they will need power, especially if they vibrate. Most of our female and male sex toys will need to be USB charged or powered by batteries. There is nothing worse than forgetting batteries when you can’t wait to use a sex toy, prepare by adding batteries to your shopping basket from our online sex toy store if they aren’t already included. Some of our products include batteries when you order them, so make sure you double check on the toy description. Orders over £30 will qualify for free delivery and will always be packed discreetly. 

Toys That Need Batteries

You will commonly need batteries for bullets, vibrators, foreplay vibrators, and any other toys that vibrate. Some of our sex toys don’t need batteries as they have a USB charger instead. The benefits of sex toys that are battery-powered are they’ll have a long-lasting life, will be easy to use, and likely have a straightforward insertion. When you are in the mood it can become a burden having to wait around for a USB toy to charge up, you won’t have this problem with battery-powered sex toys.

There are sex toys that will use both a USB charger and sex toy batteries, our double ecstasy vibe sex toy is an example of this. The remote control uses a CR1620 battery that is included when you buy it and a USB charging cord for the toy. This sex toy can be used with or without a remote.

Alternatives To Battery Power

Not all our sex toys are battery powered, some are rechargeable usually with a USB cord. The advantages of rechargeable toys that have a USB charger are they can be charged up wherever, whenever. Whereas, sex toys that are powered by batteries will need to be replaced regularly. It will all depend on how often you use the toy. When deciding on how your sex toy is powered, it will all come down to preference and many don’t mind either way.

Sex Toy Battery FAQs

The best batteries for sex toys will completely depend on the toy, some take 2 AAA batteries, whereas others take more than 2 batteries. If you do go for a remote control sex toy, the remote will likely have different batteries as it’s smaller, so check this is included before purchasing. It’s best to stick to standard batteries and avoid rechargeable sex toy batteries as they don’t have the same kick, and remembering to charge them can also be time-consuming.