Water Based Lube

Water Based Lube

From mouth-watering flavours to making penetration easier, water-based lube has plenty of uses in the bedroom to ensure you have slick and smooth sex. You can even use water lube to take pleasure to new levels while using sex toys – perfect for both solo and partnered play.

There is a variety of water-based lube available to enhance any sex, intimate stimulation or play with sex toys. One of the main advantages of water-based lubricant is that it’s compatible with most sex toy materials and doesn’t stain your bedsheets.

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250ml Super Slik Lubricant

Intimate sexual lubricant designed to heighten sexual pleasure. A water based, non staining lubrican..


Astroglide 2.5oz Lubricant

Astroglide was created by Daniel Wray, a former NASA aerospace chemist, while working on the Space S..


Astroglide Gel Lubricant

Astroglide Gel has a thicker formula than liquid Astroglide. It provides lubrication for enhancing t..


Astroglide Premium Liquid 120ml

Astroglide Premium’s long-lasting, whisper-light formula is water-soluble and water-based and does n..


Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel 3oz Lubricant

ultra gentle gel lubricant. No alcohol, no glycerin no parabens no fragrance and latex safe...


Cool It Ice Ice Baby Lubricant 500 ml

A waterbased lubricant to numb sensitive areas.Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatologically..


Dip It Dip Your Toy And Enjoy Lubricant 500 ml

Dip It, Dip your toy and enjoy!A waterbased lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatol..


Durex Play Feel Pleasure Gel 100ml

Play lube is specially formulated for a maximum lubrication. It contains a unique blend of ingredien..


Durex Play Soothing Massage Gel And Lube

Durex Play Massage Gel is a unique 2 in 1 sensual massage gel and lubricant perfect for foreplay and..


Durex Play Stimulating Massage Gel And Lube 200mls

An exciting new massage oil from durex, smooth and sliky this lube with stimulate you like no other,..


Durex Play Tingle Lube 100ml

Play Tingle lube is specially formulated for a maximum tingling effect! It contains a unique blend o..


Durex Sensilube Lubricant 40mls

Intimate moisturing gel for women whom experience dryness. Formulated to replicate the bodys natural..


Elbow Grease Gel Lubricant

Elbow Grease Classic Gel was introduced in 1982. The market demanded water based lubricants which co..


Fist It 1 Litre Jar Of Lubricant

Fist It is a water based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatologically tested, fa..


Fist It Extra Thick 1000mls Lubricant

Fist It is a water based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatologically tested, fa..


Fist It Extra Thick 100ml Lubricant

Fist It is a water-based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatologically tested, fa..


Fist It Extra Thick Lubricant 300ml

Fist It Professional is a water-based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Dermatological..


Fist It Hybrid Water And Silicone Lube 500ml

The Fusion of Water and Silicone. This hybrid lube combines the best of both worlds. Directions for ..


Fist it Sperm Lubricant 300ml

Fist It is a water-based lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms. Directions for use Apply as..


What are the benefits of using water-based lubricant?

Anyone can use lube no matter their age, gender, and sexuality. It can also enhance pleasure experienced with masturbation or a sex toy. It’s not just for people whose bodies struggle to produce natural lubrication, but it can add a whole load of pleasure to anyone’s sex life.

Better known for its versatility, water lubricant can be used in practically any sexual activity you can think of, including those involving silicone sex toys. Another benefit of using water lubricant is its compatibility with condoms. Some oil-based lubricants can cause condoms to break, so water lube is safer.

For vaginal sex, water-based lubricant is often pH balanced and reduces friction to improve sexual pleasure. Vaginal dryness is very common and can happen for all kinds of reasons. Some examples include hormone levels, stress levels, and where you are in your menstrual cycle. Natural lubrication of the penis can also vary. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. Grab some water-based lube and enjoy the ride.

Water Lube: What is the best water-based lube?

Those who favour water-based lube love its versatility and more natural vibe. Going further, the best water-based lubes are those free of parabens, sulphates, and synthetic glycerine. These can often irritate sensitive nether regions. Synthetic glycerine can break down into sugar and encourage unwanted bacteria or yeast overgrowth, which isn’t suitable for women prone to vaginal infections. It’s often advised to stick with water lubes clearly labelled as suitable for sensitive skin.

How does water lubricant differ from other types?

When choosing water-based lube, you’ll need to think about how it compares to other types of lubes available so you can ensure water lube is the best for you. Lube comes in a variety of bases:

  • Water
  • Silicone
  • Oil
  • Hybrid (a combination)

Simply put, lubes vary according to the base of their ingredients, with each having different pros and cons. Water lube tends to be the most versatile, but it may not be the best option for sensitive skin and anal sex. Either way, there are plenty of combinations to suit you – dig in with some research, and you’ll find the perfect match.


When it comes to anal sex and play, it’s important to remember that the anus does not self-lubricate, meaning lube is an absolute must. Despite water-based anal lube being suitable for anal sex, it’s advised to choose an anal-specific lube instead. Water-based gel lube can be a better option. However, the anal-specific lubes are designed to be longer-lasting and provide a cushioned glide during anal sex and anal play.