Lubricant Applicators

Lubricant Applicators

Reach those hard to reach spots with the best lube applicators, applying your favourite sex lube with precision to avoid having any mess to clean up. Whether you are looking for a reusable lube applicator to apply your favourite lube into the vagina or anus, it has never been so easy to internally lubricate. Our range offers a range of products to choose from so you can pick the one that works best for your needs, quickly applying the lube as you get into the heat of the moment so you’re ready to slip right in. Shop today and receive free home delivery on all orders over £30.

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Master Series Silicone Graduated Beads Lube Launcher

Precise lubricant application meets pleasure in this beaded lube launcher. The 4 bulbs gradually inc..


Reach Tricky Spots with a Reusable Lube Applicator

Designed to hygienically apply lubrication deeper inside the body, a lube applicator is simple and easy to use so you can reach those tricky areas to closely replicate the feel of natural lubrication. The reusable lube applicator will allow you to apply the gel to the walls of the vagina, keeping it in position so it doesn’t lead to an uncomfortable spillage when you get into the heat of the moment. If you’re planning on engaging in anal sex, an anal lubricant applicator can be used for the anal passage so you can enjoy a more comfortable experience from start to finish.

Whether you are getting ready for a night of passion with your partner or are engaging in solo play with some of your favourite sex toys, adding a reusable lube applicator into your preparation routine will ensure your body is ready, minimising discomfort so you can enjoy a night of pleasure. By applying the lube internally, the discreet nature will mimic the body’s natural function and leave you feeling confident as you get into the heat of the moment.

Using the Best Lube Applicator

The addition of a quality lube will make sexual activity a much more enjoyable one, heightening your senses and reducing discomfort by allowing the penis or toy to slide right in. Whether you struggle with getting wet naturally, are looking to prepare for anal sex with an anal lubricant applicator or are just looking to increase the pleasure during sex, find what you are looking for in our online sex shop. Our range of lubricants includes traditional and natural products as well as more fun lubes which are flavoured or create new sensations, pairing with your reusable lube applicator to reach those all important spots.

To use your lube applicator, remove it from its packaging and insert your favourite lube. Hold the applicator at the wide end and apply the narrower side into the vagina or anus, gently squatting or sitting down to find a comfortable position. Once inside, squeeze the lube applicator to release the contents where you want them and gently pull the applicator out.


Designed to be applied with ease, the best lube applicators can be inserted comfortably so you can reach those tricky spots without hassle. Once you get the hang of using a reusable lube applicator, the process will become second nature and your lube applicator will be your new best friend.