Safe & Strong Condoms

Safe & Strong Condoms

Safety is a top priority in all sex sessions, so stock up your stash with our extra safe condoms. But safety doesn’t have to be soulless, so with our discreet packaging, you can pair up your condoms with fabulous flavoured lube or a new sex toy to really spice up your safe sex.

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Durex Extra Safe 12 Pack Condoms

Durex Extra Safe condoms are transparent and made of natural rubber latex with an easy on shape and ..


Durex Extra Safe 6 Pack Condoms

Transparent slighty thicker natural rubber latex condoms. Extra lubricant for comfort Nominal width ..


We have a huge choice of thick condoms for you to choose from in our online sex shop, including leading brands like Durex, so your bedside drawer will be filled with the best products to help you get lucky. Browse our full collection of extra thick condoms, and if you needed another reason to treat yourself, you can enjoy free delivery on orders over £30.

What Are Stay Safe Condoms?

Strong condoms offer the same comfortable fit as other condoms, but they are formulated to be slightly thicker than regular condoms to create a more solid barrier to reduce any risk of breakages or leaks. Most extra strong condoms also have extra lubrication to help you slip them on easily and smoothly, as well as prevent any tearing. Despite these extra security measures, extra safe condoms don’t compromise on pleasure, so you can still get the same levels of satisfaction without worrying about safety.

Lubricate Your Thick Condoms

Lubing up your stay safe condoms is a must if you plan on getting deep. Even though your stay safe condoms may already have extra lubrication to aid with reducing the risk of tearing, we recommend adding a little bit more for incredibly pleasurable slippery sensations. We offer a massive selection of lubes for you to choose from, including water-based lube and silicone-based lube both of which are ideal to use with thick condoms to make vaginal or anal entry easy. We also offer a whole menu of flavoured lubes to take your foreplay or oral sex with extra thick condoms to the next level. No matter which lube, the combination with your extra safe condoms is guaranteed to make your sex sessions incredibly indulgent and long-lasting.

Buy Extra Thick Condoms with Mega Pleasure

If safety is high up on your list of concerns, then don’t panic! Mega Pleasure have got you covered. We’ve got an impressive array of extra strong condoms for you to choose from, so stock up your bedside drawer today. With our handy website, you can avoid those awkward face-to-face shopping experiences and take advantage of our discreet packaging. If you have any further questions about our strong condoms or a specific product, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Extra Safe Condoms FAQs

Safety can be an understandable concern for many people. If you go in bare, there’s the risk of STDs or unplanned pregnancies, but this can be massively reduced by using extra safe condoms. While condoms are a great way to improve safety, it’s important to remember that you won’t be 100% protected. There’s the chance of breaking, slipping, or leaking, especially if they aren’t put on properly, so it’s wise to use another form of birth control alongside such as stay safe condoms.