Safe sex is great sex, so having a good stock of sex essential condoms in your bedside drawer is a good idea. Gone are the days of clunky condom application and any awkwardness – with our collection, condoms are lots of fun for everyone involved! Whatever your size or preference, we have a variety of male and female condoms in our online sex shop to keep you satisfied from beginning to end.

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Durex Thin Feel 12 Pack Condoms

Manufactured using high quality transparent natural rubber latex these condoms have been made thinne..


Mister Size 47mm Your Size Pure Feel Condoms 3 Pack

MISTER SIZE is the ideal companion for your sensitive, elegant penis. Working together you will crea..


Beffy Oral Dam

Ultra think latex oral dam for safe oral sex. Beffy latex oral dam is recommended for cunnilingus an..


Durex Extra Safe 12 Pack Condoms

Durex Extra Safe condoms are transparent and made of natural rubber latex with an easy on shape and ..


Durex Extra Safe 6 Pack Condoms

Transparent slighty thicker natural rubber latex condoms. Extra lubricant for comfort Nominal width ..


Durex Intense Ribbed And Dotted Condoms 12 Pack

Durex Intense Condoms help make sex better for both, heightening arousal and increasing pleasure. Th..


Durex Intense Ribbed And Dotted Condoms 6 Pack

Durex Intense Condoms help make sex better for both, heightening arousal and increasing pleasure. Th..


Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive 12 Pack Condoms

Durex invisible extra sensitive condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex. Extra Thin, Extra ..


Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive 6 Pack Condoms

Durex invisible extra sensitive condoms are the thinnest ever developed by Durex. Extra Thin, Extra ..


Durex Originals Classic Natural Condoms X20

Now easy-on, regular condoms from the brand Durex.Durex Natural easy-on condoms are now shaped to be..


Durex Pleasure Me 12 Pack Condoms

Ensure you remain free from any sexual nastiness during sexual intercourse whilst gaining heightened..


Durex Pleasure Me 6 Pack Condoms

Ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation Nominal width 56mm Transparent lubricated and teat ended, na..


Durex Surprise Me Variety Pack Of 40 Condoms

Durex Surprise Me Condoms, the perfect mix for maximum pleasure. Contains,10 x Thin Feel Condoms 10 ..


Durex Thin Feel 6 Pack Condoms

Thin for greater sensitivity Nominal width 56mm Transparent lubricated and teat ended, natural rubbe..


Durex XL Power Condoms 12 Pack

XL condom with easy on shape and reservoir, made from transparent latex. Nominal width 57mm and a le..


EXS Comfy Fit Ribbed and Dotted Condoms 12 Pack

EXS Ribbed and Dotted are a 56mm width with a comfy flared teat.The Ribbed and Dotted are great for ..


EXS Magnum Large Condoms 12 Pack

If you need a bigger size condom then EXS Magnum is the one for you.They come with a 60mm width and ..


EXS Nano Thin Condom 12 Pack

EXS Nano Thin is amongst the thinnest quality latex condoms in the world.They have a width of 53mm, ..


EXS Snug Closer Fitting Condoms 12 Pack

For a tighter, more secure fitting condom choose EXS Snug Fit. They come with a 49mm width and have ..


Along with performance-enhancing options and novelty designs, we have a huge range of top condom brands, such as Durex and Lelo, so you’ll find only the best condoms in the UK right here. Browse our full collection below, and enjoy free delivery on orders over £30 and discreet packaging.

Performance-Enhancing Male Condoms

Whoever said that safe sex couldn’t be exciting has clearly never explored our huge range of performance-enhancing male condoms. While safety is paramount, we believe that every sexual experience should be fun for everyone involved, so we supply a range of pleasure-inducing condoms to take every thrust up a level. If you want to linger in the bliss of that pre-orgasm sensation, you can try our delay condoms, or if you want oral to taste as good as it feels, we have lots of flavoured condoms to discover. To heighten the pleasure for your partner, our ribbed condoms will be your best friend, or for that true to skin feeling, give our ultra thin condoms a go. We truly have something for every need, so you’ll be completely spoiled for choice!

Female Condoms & Oral Dams

We believe in providing pleasure for all, so you’ll also find a range of condoms for women in our collection. This includes dental dams for safe oral sex for both males and females. All you need to do is use the piece of latex to cover your vagina or anus to reduce any risk of infections while still allowing for earth-shattering clitoral or anal stimulation. Sex comes in all shapes and sizes, but it should be safe every time, so stock up on female condoms and oral dams to keep play time going.

Specialist Condoms

No one should have to miss out on the fun, so we provide a huge variety of specialist condoms, including latex free condoms and vegan condoms. Our non-latex condoms are designed specially for those who have natural rubber latex allergies, so they are made from an advanced non-latex material, either polyurethane or polyisoprene, that still provides the same smooth experience. With a specialist condom that is kind to your skin and comfortable, you’ll find yourself ready to go again and again. We also provide planet-friendly vegan condoms for those who live a plant-based lifestyle or want to be kinder to our world during their sex sessions. These will still give you the same glide and silky feeling of a regular condom, but with all eco-friendly materials. No matter what your needs are, you can confidently buy condoms with MegaPleasure.

Buy Condoms Online

Whatever size, flavour or effect you need, we can help. From large condoms to extra safe condoms, our vast collection has everything you could possibly want and more. Make sure you browse our range and stock up your bedside drawer for your next encounter. If you have any further questions about our condoms in the UK or a specific product, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Condom FAQs

Having sex can be a lot of fun, but it can also present some issues, like unplanned pregnancy or STDs. By wearing a condom correctly, you can reduce your risk of both, but it’s important to remember that you won’t be 100% protected. Condoms can break, slip or leak, especially if they aren’t put on properly, so it’s wise to use another form of birth control alongside. While the main purpose of a condom is to keep everyone safe, there are no rules to say that they can’t be fun to use. Try spicing things up with a textured condom or ultra thin condoms for a skin-like sensation.